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  1. *waves* Hey all, brand new to the forums. Figured I'd pop my head in after finally playing the games just to see whats up around here and if forums are even still in use. Brief backstory: Backed the kickstarter when it launched, not because I knew much of anything about Muv Luv mind you, mostly because I wanted to show support for Kickstarter as an avenue to fund companies bringing over anime/game projects that otherwise would not receive funding. After finally beating both Extra and Unlimited I can safely say I'm happy that I've done so, even though I'm now waiting with baited breath for Alternate (apparently the best of the three?). I'm also glad that all of us could come together to support this endeavor, as I think it turned out (mostly) excellent. Hopefully more people will be able to experience and enjoy Muv Luv due to both the efforts of the Muv Luv team and our own. I currently work in the software industry (no, not the gaming industry, though I am familiar with it to a degree due to my interest in it, as well as the fact that I've done development work in the past). As far as my own interests (and some highlighted sub-interests): Science! In most of its forms Gaming (of any kind, mind you, be it PC, board games, or consoles) Witcher (I am a gigantic WItcher fan, really it's unhealthy) Deus Ex Anime (Though usually the old school stuff than the newer stuff) Science fiction Cyberpunk Fantasy Lightbringer Series The Chronicles of Amber Trans-humanism I'm on the Discord as of now (twenty guesses as to my username), so feel free to give me a poke about, well, most anything! -Edit Also, if you want one of my gamertags, be it steam, origin, battlenet (Overwatch!), or what have you. Please, do not hesitate to reach out over PM.