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  1. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I still recall back in the days when I was still playing FGO jp, there was a kid that had stolen his parent's information to apply for a loan in order to roll the gacha for 4 copies ofSc√°thach. He end up running away from home when the loan company called home and his parent found out. He spend about 5k USD on the game... The SSR rate was 0.1% AND mixed with enchantments.
  2. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    pretty sure there are several TSF with various designsthat inheritedfrom the surviving nations. Manga shown 3.
  3. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Well its name is after the great storm and rain god, so its probably implied to be in the Takamilinage. Besides in the finally battle Japan sacrificed their 7 noble heros to get this far. It only make sense Japan is one of the surviving nation that gets to have a 8th generation TSF.
  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Yuzuka is probably long gone in that timeline... anyways to counter those BETAs we get the 8th generation TSFs. which is already shown in the manga. Due to the huge availability of G element after conquering Mars. All new TSFs all comes pre-equipped with G-element drives and weaponries. Same as all mobile fortress/warships. They all also comes equipped with with advance Kouzuki field(Rutherford field)for defense and space travels
  5. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    There will definitely be additional content. the current farm rate is pretty bad for shaved icewith bonus charas anyways why not just post the whole Epilogue manga instead of page by page lols. Nothing really new tho, The design is still very much the same as the old TSFs. here is the close up. Next chapter in Muv Luv universe, intergalactic battle with silicon base species full speed ahead Also for those that doesn't know Age ixtl division sold all Muvluv related copyrights etc contents to avex pictures, not sure what they will do with it in the future butit is no longer in Age's hands. This muv luv game is probably the only Muv luv content age can still publish, expand, changelols.
  6. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Doyou have both the SSR chara from gacha?The drop SSR ver is plain vanilla... The part 2 of this story takes place retelling operation lucifer from Takayuki's POV. He and Shinji were successful in persuading other TSF in the area to retreat before the G bomb dropped. But unfortunately, they were too late themselves. They were considered MIA in the aftermath. But the ending hinted that they will somehow come back <_< PS: They ran right into the hive for hiding because Takayuki mentioned how the hive was able to withstand nuclear strikes.
  7. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    She was created by Yuuko and another 40yr old scientist. The guy below Basically since the guy was named Yuki Yutaro, he named his daughter Yuki Yuko
  8. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    When the gacha originally came out, it had the wording "guarantee newcharacterson the 5th roll", so people rolled and found out that some received the Gekishin instead. So they complained. And the gacha was revised to include the wording "guarantee new characters OR the new TSF on the 5th roll" and compensate everyone who received the Gekishin 1 SSR ticket.
  9. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    you only get it if you rolled the gacha 5 times and getting an SSR Gekishin as your guarantee rollbefore they made an correction to the gacha description.
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Ok checked, it was on the patch note. Grats on getting a Gekishin. Therefore the SSR ticket
  11. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    you mean the monthly packs? Chap 24 is about explaining Yuki. Shes was created for plan 3 with 6 different personalities in one body and is a walking i7 CPU + gigantic hard drive... She is an ESPer but without the reading and projection abilities. Shes on a limiter to control her from using her full potential to keep her from becoming a super genius Then she joins C squad with her purple thunderbolt 2.... The Kiminozo story seems to take place without the MC, or Narumi... Its all about the female leads of Kiminozo training in their Gekishins to defend against betas in 1995 timeline.
  12. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    not boosting for future events. its more of a cleaning out inventory tactic so that they can get people to spend their gems earn from this event.
  13. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    yep the rate at 3% is still really bad. cost me 2 rainbow packs to get 1 chara
  14. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    it will just be as what it always have been... evasion > all skills that does not come with an accuracy modifier.
  15. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    spend 1200 gold, first takeru.... maxed it with mats GG for me