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  1. Collector's Corner

    You guys have nice collections! So, I already posted here, but this is a more recent picture of my (cheap) showcase(s). I'm collecting both, âge and 0verflow series, including KimiNozo, Muv-Luv, School Days, and more. Started early 2016 and will continue collecting those, of course. If you want to see everything I have, in detail: [I'm also collecting more things, but I usually don't really get into spending that much money into them, some examples: Final Fantasy games + manga + some anime/movies, other JRPGs, much more (german) manga... Compared to my favorites, the interest in them islow, so I store them in a usual shelf, but I still enjoy them -very- much.] ---- Man, I really need to get the MOE figures set + more artbooks + TSF series. But money would just avoid me, it seems.
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Don't know if I'm right, but I finally jumped over my shadow and bought the game on steam, although I hate digital contents, when it was on sale, for 20$, which is pretty low for this amazing game. (Want to buy a physical box, still though, if there's any possibilty for that- that beautiful CE box would be aaaaawesome in my showcase... beneath all these Japanese Muv-Luvgames...) Well, I'm playing it again right now, and it's like I've read it for the first time. Those guys doing the texts: amazing work! The texts before the official translation got boring pretty fast, because they were repetitive, but now, I have fun with each single sentence. (Most likely exaggerating, but still...) The story may be the same, (although, there's some new contentbecause of the PS3, it seems?) but it's a whole different dimension of fun: 'I need to re-experience it all.' Thank you, so far, can't wait for Alternative. (and the others.) がんばって! +Take my money. Also did a pretty short review on Steam, because there were only a few in German. Now, if there ever will be an (upliving) anime to the main series, maybe Muv-Luv can finally get the attention it (still) deserves.
  3. Collector's Corner

    Thanks, @Klashvorn& same to you! Unfortunately, I'm still lacking ALOT of stuff, because I just discovered Muv-Luv in March after watching the masterpiece of an anime KimiNozo - well... for me, at least- and started collecting these two titlesin April/May. That's why I came here several timesalready to check if I missed something, but shipping costs are often overkill, and customs just won't go easy on metoo, so it'll take a while, I guess.
  4. Collector's Corner My little collection. IncludingMuv-Luv, KimiNozo, ...