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  1. Nay, they be playin' for keeps & not makin' this easy or profitable.
  2. Mid-event update surprised me cuz' its been so long since the last one. This Harvest Halloween gacha things is pretty welcome though it will only last a few days. Boosts here is very necessary since w/o them the pay out is very disappointing...but alas, the only boost character I actually have is for the ones I need the least. As is last time, killing the Boss ends the mission prematurely so Ithink thatI should put my boost character in an inferior TSF to help not killing things too quickly (finally found a use for that UN Shield Type-00C).
  3. @Universal98We appreciate thework.Though translations are indeed favored, we really wouldn't mind small tidbits & summaries sincefull on stuff really takes a lot ofwork & effort. We'd be pretty much satisfied w/ just knowing what's going on and maybe small translations of very interesting, notable or important/informative dialogues if there are any really. @NexivaBringing alongSummer Inia is alsoanother option especially if a secondary healer is viable/needed since she also buffs DEF& SPD at the same time. Her low ATK can easily mitigated by a strong TSF. @EdelweissOh right, don't know if you've tried but willthe new TSF's abilities also work w/ the SR versions of the characters? I guess it will, maybe. I was meaning to try but kept forgetting or just continued farming. Finally got aroundlooking through Chapter 28 w/c is the Defense of Yokohama Base. The large hordeappearing pretty much went as usual but seeing how Marimo & the complete A-01 is around along w/ C-squad has made quite the difference again it seems (seems the BETA didn't get as deep as last time). Kasumi & Sumika being active is also a rather interesting change. Though Yuuko isn't around her little daughter seems to be helping out(?). So to those who can read & understand it, any other interesting new info & tidbitshappening there?
  4. @NexivaDunno' man, your problem w/ Fikatsia doesn't seem to be much considering we've gotten like a lot of Speed type event pilots who can heal (therefore, you should have several of them too). The most notable one is Summer Lise with her AoE+Heal ability since she hits, heals & doesn't have the 'skill use charging lag'. Imagine making your Speed type healer ride the SSR UN Type-77 Gekishin whose XM3 passive is increasedskill gauge accumulation as long as the pilot is female. Now Imagine bringing 2 healers. Been luckier w/ dropscompared to last event, have gotten 2 Rainbow chests as well as 2 Gold ones containing the F-22 knife Raptor. Being Speed attributes themselves, they can be used immediately in the event as well.
  5. New event features new SSRs for the two Originals Akaru (bear girl) & Misaki(twintail) & their custom units. Seems like the gamedevs areexperimenting again w/ the SSRs abilities seeing as how both new pilots & TSFs have two yet situational abilities each. =============================== Some ofthe Good stuff: Main story continues w/ Chapter 28 open for everyone. (Haven't checked it out yet though). Yay 5 G-ores again~ Event is still Half AP so farm away! SSR ticket from the event shop, obtainable enough since it costs 15k silver medals only. Lots of players have Russian momma Fikatsia (who boosts medal quantity) so she can appearas a supportoften enough. Event map has lots of canyons/ravines/obstacles & enables you to maneuver around. Can be helpful against all the BETA chasing you. New Raptor seems to be a Knife melee type so that's pretty cool. Orange Wadatsumi is actually a missile type! Not my thing but it can be pretty useful to others I guess... Some of the Bad stuff: Medal farming w/ its 3 drop types is back which can be a pain. The secondary character boosting the chest drops is super rare (Yuuko+Kasumi was one of the time limited gacha ones). Though not too many, there are Laser & Destroyer class mobs around again possibly making farming extra annoying/painful. No event achievements so no extra item prizes. XM3/Awakening mat dropsare no longer asabundant. Stuff that still needs fixing: Type-00C's sprite is still broken & basically non-existent. (Will it take TDA Takeru & his custom one appearing beforeit's fixed?) Rifle types still face palming in their WIN pose. Maybe not "broken" per'se but really needs fixin' really. =============================== Hmm, I guess all of C-Squad's getting their own custom units each now huh (Will they eventually change out of those trainee suits though).? I wonder if the MC get the exclusive player voted prize as his custom unit then. Which reminds me, when are we getting those again?
  6. @Universal98Oh, that's nice. We're thankful &appreciate the work~ Mmm, have players been more vocal about how non-newbie friendly they're making their game? You'd think they want more to come & stay for their playerbase but w/ how they've been going at it, well... Or maybe it the JP players are already used to and/or numb to such?
  7. @striker2521New Cryska's ability debuffs up to 80% (as well as protects herself from damage a few times) but is it single target or all enemies? New Tarisa's attack skill depends on her TSFweapon type & it also says it removeenemy buffs. Whim SSR ticket once again gives me a new SSR, welcome TDA Marimo-chan~.
  8. Great google moogly, that's a lot of snipers. Happy to see all those Strike Eagles, its a shame thatthey're all shooting through us. No boost character as usual. Either they've adjustedthe drop rate or its just because there's less to kill so we're only getting around 20+- average chests per mission. Oh, SSR ticket in theUN shop's refreshed as well. All those saved from last event vanished quite quickly huh. @AbriaelSorry, you need high numbers & good skills to spam &burn through them fast enough as usual. ============================== New Terminator's XM3 passive seems nice but knowing how they work, its invincibility probably won't last that long. Also happy we're finally getting an SSR F-15 (Its XM3 skill isn't bad), but the ACTV's my least favorite form because of the head design. My only hope for a more advanced default looking one is the Orbital Diver version (has some notable named characters who usedthem after all) or the Silent Eagle (w/c is more likely seeing as the ones riding them are Valkyries). ============================== On one hand, quite happy that the new SSR Minori & Inghild's in the default gacha already. On another...its the gacha & its rates. Right now I have 5 "must have reallywant" SSR characters in the gacha. So far I've only been duped once by an SSR ticket & have always gotten something new (thankful for the small blessings).
  9. Oh....huh. I guess that just shows how I haven't been taking much notice while LB'ing lower rarity thingies. That's good then...but also highlights how SRs only count as measly 5 UN coins when SSRs jump to 10x that. @AbriaelTimezone AP glitch thing is definitely unintentional. Results may vary depending how different/far you are fromJP time. That's just one of the game's unfixed/unnoticed quirks that we're thankful for & preferably 'quiet' about *nudge* *hint*. Used up most ofmy Halloween tickets...most notable I've gotten was just a couple of SR tickets. Only 1 last roll left but can't expect much huh.
  10. @ImabotWell, it certainly helps thataside form the usual patience & hard work, its because there's like a Boost support 90-95% of the time as well as the halfAP thing meaning multiple tries (more than the usual twice only w/o AP items) per log-in. Kinda' funny how the F-4 from gold chests can bea bit rarerthan the Rainbow since there's a lot of possible other drops w/ it (only got 3 F-4 drops so far). Ah, this is one of the event's that I'm gonna' miss as well. All the sweet drop loot's saving us somuch from future farming & mat troubles. Would have been near perfect if XM3'swere dropping too. Unless something new of troublesome comes up, I think I'm pretty much set for most of the game life to Awaken almost any character I like whenever. Another friendly advice is when one is able to, buy the TSFs from the eventshop immediately before the event ends as well to take advantage of the currently extraUN coins per fusing. Maybe its not a problem to some people but some are probably like me who usually buys out the shop contentsonly after an Event ends.
  11. When you fuse the featured or currently new event TSFs (either the latest ones dropped or levent gacha ones), it also gives you UN coins for each one, see? If you sell the fully LB'd one too, that's a 250 UN coins total. So basically, do not forget to do this before the current event ends. You'll be missing out potential UN coins after all.
  12. @MarcusAre you referring to the latest events SSRs? No Rifle types here, the new SSR F-4 Phantom's a MG type Tech unit w/ a pretty nice XM3 passive ability so getting at least one is a good option actually (The MiG's good for its UN coins). Even if you don't like the SSRs, even if its only the 30 15AP one, farm the quests hard for the mats...those sweet, sweet essential mats (the event quests achievement prizes are but extra treats). There's also a lot of people w/ the secondary event boosting characters so its quite lucrative. From the mat drops, if one farms enough, its actually a viable option to just use up mats to LB the TSFs & sellthe rest for precious UN coins. Holy crap, its been over for a few days now but I almost totally forgot to start spending my Halloween tickets (been to focused on farming). Tried 2 rolls each for now & the rarest thing I got was a single "All ATKUP 100%"...typical.
  13. @BaKaShiNjiYou should get a general idea already reading our posts ja? Don't have any boost characters as usual (seriously, I've been rolling a few times since a while & I still got nothing to show for it, the typical result). Bringing a boost support, my average points are 30k per mission & I get around more or less 30 chest dropsfor gold & silver each (can imagine that its even more so for those who actually have the needed boosting SSRs). We could really sustain our Awakening needs for a while as long as we keep on working on it w/ all the sweet loot. Yuuko's survival could possibly go either way. With 'her' appearance, Its not unlikely that her daughter might replace her role if need be in this "Alternative" path after all. Could our MC be the one to actually shed more light to this mysterious "Master"? Could we possibly end up facing one fo those BETA-TSF Hybrids someday soon? If the worst does happen, just how could this alter the MuvLuv plot we know? Come back next week for the next episode of...
  14. @ImabotAgain, Oh s***! The plot's going places now son! Is it but another prelude toyet another path's "Bad End"? New event is a vast improvement farming wise as its back to the simple points accumulation plus Character boost on drops. The quests item drop selection is also pretty good being filled w/ essentials like battle logs & ascension mats (likethose ascension emblems & such).Not to mention the reduced AP needed, farm away my friends...Its good to stock up as much as possible. Difficulty wise, the main threat to be worried about are the crap ton of Laser class (especially the last wave of the hardest difficulty). But its manageable as long as ones laserjagd strat's the usual go clock or counter clockwise to evade 1st thenclose in &unleash a Piercing super through their whole lines or get close enough to their center do a 360 AoE clearing super. The sheer lack of Destroyers is but another welcome blessing. The main prizes ain't much, don't care for yet anotherMiG-21's. Though the new SSR F-4 Phantom's XM3 passive ability actually makes it worthwhile to aim for & use (Increases ATK, DEF and SPD of the pilot by 30%, simple yet effective). Ah,Inghild Bronikowski a.k.a. "Not-Lise"a.k.a. "Another cutey that died to early". Another side character like Circe that I like & want but again not easily obtainable...same old song. Her skill isn't that strong but it can hit a good amount of targets as well as possiblystun w/c is very helpful.
  15. @striker2521Ja, just a few more hours 'til it ends. As it is ending, I somehow finally got 1 Shield+MG Shiranui drop. Having characters boosting chest drops, they've made thenormally already bad drop rate tobe "justifiably" worst. Just one of the bad habits they've been recently constantly making & doing really. Halloween gacha wise, I wasn't even able to get at least one attribute to 1k (I think its only around 980+-) while the others are around 400+-. Although from everyone's statements, I really shouldn't expect much good loot from them from my meager ticket stash. In summary, another "its ok I guess, almost bad but could have been worst" event to the list. The next one could the usual tame/normal one or the start of the next holiday event. Though their xmas one could be in another couple or few weeks maybe? ...Please spare us from medal farming for a long while game devs. (Watch as they change medals to candies/gifts w/c is just the same thing but re-branded)