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  1. Ah...all too painfully familiar. @shinnarikaWrong SSR huh. Must be a gut punch when the screenturned red but the one that came out was not wasexpected.In thescenario that the gacha refuses to cooperate, there's still a good possibility that you can achieve your goal actually... From past gacha's like this, there's a pretty goodchancethat SSR Yuzuka will stay permanently in the gacha & as one of the prizes thereforeeventually become chooseable. Your "special ticket" still might just find its use, just a little later than planned that's all (good examples areSSR Ellen, SSR Marimo & the newer SSR Cryska, they're nowones of the selective prizes). A bit frustrating but to bepatient once again & wait just might be what you need. Of course the event & her gacha will be staying for a while longer still so if your able to roll again & want to to make sure then...
  2. Hahaha, I think that's mostly because of canon reasons like America not selling them around, game devs were more or less forced to release multiple of the same limited types since America hates melee options. @haloff1Personally my favorite are MG's too followed by the Sword. Sword typeTSF's are the fastest but I still prefer the MGs & itsdamage arc most of the time. Used to enjoy Missile typesmore despite their slow speed but the nerf really killed a lot of their advantage (they used to wipe out crowds & charge skills way more effectively back then). Looking at the Rafale's guns (still no drops, just bought the shop one), yeah, that ain't the French Famas looking gun. If so then its one of those "to fix" graphic things...although...they have yet to fixsome errors & its been a long while(look at its face & arm) Speaking of Assault guns, look wise I think the Russian ones are the ones that I like the least w/ its gun barrels that look like spares or scrap were wielded together or something. while the American design's aesthetic really appeals to me. @KashiwagiIt's good that you've gotten your own rhythm that works for you then.
  3. @NexivaMmm, aTyphoon equipped w/ the Fort-class killing Great Sword looks too 'heroic' or 'named character-ish' so when that comes, it's highly likely that it'llbe gacha only w/ those custom colored Typhoons used by ACEs of Zerberus(kinda' like how the Rafale w/ the cool looking Falcate sword is gacha exclusive). A shame but I doubt a Typhoon w/ a normal sword will be usedsince the axe using one w/c is their standard is already there. Just one of the 'curses' of beingjust too cool & famous. Unless...we're the Typhoons sold to other countries? Maybe a UN version? The Rafale had a Canadian version right? Well...just stock up your g-ores as usual for that possibility.
  4. @haloff1@NexivaHaha, It's just your luck guys, I'm still at zero Rafale drops but around7 F-16A's (I've even done the 40ap a couple of times too). Well, I think its just my usual experience w/ drops...either it will take me a while to get them,get one & then never again or absolutely nothing aside from the event quest prize/shop. For stock EXPs, I've got a nicestash too. Got around 560+ purple Character EXPs & 1.3k+ gold ones. TSF EXPsare more commonly usedw/ 500+purpleones & 890+ gold ones. And in regards to multiple units, I've usually satisfied w/ 2 since if you bring a support w/ the same TSF, its like you've got a half the squad already. With the prize Rafale, an event/prize/"free" Typhoon is probably in the future too...I wish it'd be the one w/ the Mk.57 support gun but it's more likely to end up being gachaonly & we might just get the generic MG or gun+shield type. @shinnarikaThings got to bemaking you a bit uneasy, worried or paranoid, although I've only really seen one Yuzuka so far (from a random support, fully raised). An option is to be extra patient & observe longer & maybe wait until around the usual mid-event update.
  5. @KashiwagiYour team is atually pretty good (That SSR Inia makes me jelly *bites hankershief*). I suggest LB'ing your SSR Iris & raise her skill too as well as making her use one of your best TSF, it can make quite a difference. A good melee TSF is good but making her use a unit w/ better attack damage range like a Missile or MachineGun type can also be a factor (like her hitting & damaging more targets means her potentially charging her skill faster). LB'ing your other pilots &TSFs if possible is also a good option (choose your favorites or at least the ones you know you'll constantly use throughout). How's your AoE choices? Strong pilots w/ that ability can help clear things faster too so a strengthened one of your choice is another option. Your CP choice is nice w/ its good stats distribution & her skill does up your survivability a bit (they can be decisive but CP skills are not that reliable since they take a while to charge & you usually only end up using it 1-2 times maybe 3 at most per mission). But another option is to choose a CP w/ a ATK buff instead since it can help keep yourSkill charge cycle. For example: Your close to finishing off your targets but Iris' buff is about to end or it still needs a bit more time/good hits to charge, your CPs ATK buff might just be what's needed tokeep your damage going. Other things can also affect your fight like when you've cleaned up most if not all the mooks, charging your skill gets harder if you don't have a good constant damage output especially against the Boss. Simple things like evading damage through skill use (since the cut-in animation usually cancels the attack) or increasing thenumber of your attacks via canceling your own attack lag (simply clicking/tapping/moving in the same place cancels the wait time, just don't do it too early like cancelling the Sword or MG types 3-hits-per-attack)can also bringthings to your favour. Damage to your team can be worrying though w/o a dedicated healer, overusing healing items isn't usually cost effective. Mmm, if you don't have SR Minori, SR Katia might be good choice to bring w/ her Heal + DEF-Up but her ATK stat is lacking a bit. But if you can manage w/o a healer that's good too I guess? So in summary, lots of potential factors to overturn things, but it all depends on what you can do w/ what you have.
  6. A nice simple week long event that is back to the"usual" things, w/c is good. Nothing of plot importance or relation though huh. Prioritizing the initial Heavy Lasers is the usual tactic asmaking the boss appear quick is simple enough as it mostly only needs the big Grappler dead. Ignoring the big Destroyer & its ramming ability is an option but can be dangerous though so I usually damage the 2 a good bit & try finish both at the same time w/ skills (especially w/ AoE missiles from a squadmate or support). Not sure about the 30ap but I think the 40ap mook Destroyers also have their annoying ramming ability. Finishing the boss quickly depends on your overall squad loadout though. Drop wise, as usual I think I'll need a few more days before I get at the very least adecent bounty. @ZubIt's a 'special' ticket that enables you to choose one specific SSR, it needs to be bought w/ good ol' money (it was a special offer back then). @NexivaYour luck in item drop rate's impresive as usual. No Rafale's yet for me & only a couple of F-16s. @Kashiwagi30ap is usually the stopping point where a well raised & optimal SRs despite some harship can somewhat manage enough so there may be some factors that you need checking... Are your CP, pilots & TSFsfully LB'ed? Can you field a squad that either has reasonable or powerful damage output or at least has a good balance of attackers & buffers/debuffers? Past events have given quite a good amount of SR-SSR pilots & evengood selections of Power type TSFs, have you aquired some/ a lot ofthem or have you missed a lot? Maybe you need to rearrange your squad to properly complement their skills & such. For example: An option is to have the healers & buffers be in strong or the strongest TSFs you have to charge their skills quicker therefore enhancing their survivability & overall damage output.Of course bringing a goodsupport can be quite a decisive factor as they caneithermake or break a mission. The squad I've been using: I was annoyed when it 1st appeared but now I can really appreciate that Missile A-10, at least its a unit a I like rather than another Shiranui or something.
  7. @haloff1Just how much more untouched stock g-ores "for emergencies" do you have left? Personally, definitely still got more than 50+ on character scenarious alone not tomention the story mission ones for me to finish. Oh, TDA event? Very nice...good luck @shinnarika, thy time hath come! Thy goddes is infront of thee, unleash everthing you have at the time you see fit, let nothing stand in your way! It's a few more hours until I get to check it out the latest event again, anything more notable or interesting aside from the nifty new prizes?
  8. @KJONot so much lacking as not implemented well or balanced at all...I guess not as well thoughtout or as smooth as it seemed on paper. @shinnarikaHaha, I've stopped trying to guess what's coming & just go for the "let's wait & see" approach. They're often just too whimsical & random like the gacha. Mmm, well, for possibilities (maybe not what's coming next but future ones)...its not unlikely that we might get some sort of summer event someday (swimsuit gals gacha?).More original sidestoriesincluding a lot ofcharacters from the several ML stories that is close to each other's timelines like the Idol event is interesting too. Mmm, what other Japan events & occasions are there that's coming...they usually affect events as well at times. Come to think of it, maybe that's why a lot of the Chronicles stuff is being ignored for now since they're in no hurry to advance the story & a lot ofthe stories there are too far ahead in the future or diverts too much into certain directions. The 'Bad End already but it keeps getting worse'TDA route would be very interesting to get into but would need a lot of heavy plot things just for the original characters to get to w/o the usual "Event only simulation timeline jumping preview-only-and-won't-affect-the-main-plot" reasoning.
  9. Haven't given up, won't be givin' up. Gacha games & their odds can indeed be brutal & morale crushing butthere's always hope & possibilities.As long as the game keeps on going then I can keep on trying (when able to anyway, haha~). Tried only 1 of the new 40ap bringing Stasi Lise as support (she pretty much almost guarantees I'll finish it) & high level items, the drops are indeed pretty high. Planning to do the others once each for theirS-rank g-ores at least.
  10. Currently at rank 104 w/ 98 stamina & 86 cost. @haloff1@ImabotCome to think of it, skipping the "negotiating" part (simply presenting all the data to everyone for them to see & analyze) & skipping to/adding an ultimatum or serious legal actionsat the end of the statement might have been too quick & threatening. i.e. should have left the pitchforks & torches holstered, rather than coming w/ it already raised & lit.
  11. Bwahahaha~ You underestimate humanity's (and mine's) foolishness! I laugh at theirtraps' trapiness! Bwahahaha~ ... ..... .........too late, I rolled again tehee~. Somehow managed to get 3 SRs again but nothing new this time. Again, could have been worst. Wait, did they delete all your posts or just the last one? No wonder they'd want to censor it cuz' it could really be damaging especially if it does reach those Agency guys, it does make them seem like they actually have more things to hide eh? One of thebetteroptionnow is toPM all the datato other symphathetic players if all of it was indeed removed &let their sense of justice run its course. Anyway, thanks for your work. @NexivaOh, they added w new difficulty? Seems 'meh' w/ a couple of days left.
  12. Holy crap...that new surprise & very short-term character only gacha came out of nowhere & its quite tempting especially since there are a lot of notable "boosted" SSR's like Kirke in there. Inia~ My desire overode my reason & I rolled before even checking out the rates properly...It seems I'm weak to surpriseattacks. That can be bad. I'm quite surprised that I even managed to get a few SRs out of it (even Pham-neesan too). 80%+ HR rate is pretty steep but the contents are just too deliciously the point that as I'm not yet back to full sanity as of now & reeeaallly feel like going all out g-ores blazing despite the horrible odds.(Seriously, the most my current limited reasoning has convinced me is to wait & roll again tomorrow).
  13. They did, we already had some like SR Minori &SR Stella's events so the othersmay return as well. Just saying that if both versions are still connected/the same then the coming release could trigger there-releases.
  14. @Voice_of_the_chaos_godsI wouldn't say a lot especially w/ this currently being one of the few things where a lot of fans are getting their MuvLuv fix. On a more positive note, with the coming release of the "for the masses" All-Ages version (& if our account are indeed connected), there's a fair chance that most of not all the earlier events would be rerun for all the possible newbies. Good news for everyone if it is so since its another chance toget all those prizes or those nifty event only ones like SR Minori & her ever useful healing ability.
  15. @EdelweissThat's the problem, the current event is to biased towards Hardcore players. Past eventquests at least had a spread out/balanceddifficulty (as well as fitting rewards on finishing them). The40AP ones now are for those who are looking for a challenge & better rates farming or drop wise. A challenge is not bad, a welcomed option even. But now the highest difficulty one'sthe only efficient farming choice, the rest are below mediocre. Using up a lot if not most of ones item stocks just to finish them properly is also bad for overall efficiency since it is farming event i.e. lots of reruns. (I'm out of Heal-all 30%, running low on Heal-All 50%) @KashiwagiI wouldn't call it garbage, but like Edel said, its not beginner or casual friendly. Certainly a bad one to start with for someone who've just heard of the game &checks it out but is welcomed w/ that.