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  1. @haloff1Thanks again for the translations~ Mm, seeing all those skill effects, I'm reminded that its the MAX level status & the early levels are worse. Can be useful especially against TSF bosses w/ AOE specials...but I guess its useless against enemy BETA who only brute forces through everything. Kinda' want to get one of him for collection purposes but he's too expensive though. Seriously, there's a ton ofever necessary Gold & Silver battle logs just waiting to be bought. =================== SSR "The Light Of The Destiny" Koubuin Yuuhi Skill : 30% of chance of resurrecting one destroyed TSF. *whistles* An actual resurrection spell? Interesting. The usual long charge time & low rate is kinda' understandable I guess.... =================== SRType-94 Shiranui ( 1st Tactical Armor Regiment Color ), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When the enemy uses their skill, your attack is increased by +50% for 5 seconds. Eh, 50% is a big boost to attack but it's too short. Must have been meant to boost your counter...if you lived getting hit with the usually strong skill attack.
  2. @KJOSweet, congrats! *high fives* very lucky too seeing your G-ore amount Now comes the problem of SSRs being very mats hungry.
  3. Well, I somehow did manage to LB the event SSR Walken, maybe I'll post few screenies later when I've unlocked all of them for us to see what's up. ================= Also kinda' nice to get a lot ofextra Friend points w/ everyone playing more because of how AP cheapquests are. Using them all up can be a bit of a chore when spaces are getting limited though. I wish they'd implement something that can make good use of all thisextras someday. ================= Jumping aroundthe 7 & 6 ap missions for farming. Man, Silver medals are hard to get being the middle 2k+ golds & 4k+ bronze compared to onlyaround 1k+silvers. It also seems that despite out enemies are TSFs, none of them can evade at all compared to the past events where half the time, our attacks & even single hit special skillsmiss. ================= Finally goingthrough more of the story missions. A lot of the Rank rewards really ain't worth getting (a bronze rank item for an S-rank? bleh). Most of the time, finishing it for the obligatory G-ore is good enough alright.Thinking about it, its another one in the list of things they don't plan to "fix" or update any time soon because hey, PvP!. Oops, it broke.
  4. All the lowered stamina cost is pretty nifty, raising affection for mats & playing through the main story quests has gotten more effecient too. Playing the hardest daily quest cheaply for its 1000 EXP can also be nice especially of you time it right on your Rank up to continuesly play some more. I don't know what hs skill is but 'Not-Even-Waifu' SSR Sagiri is definitely not worth the expensive price. I'd rather use it to buy out the contents of event shop more. ==================== Tried the multiplayer a few times. Got bugged out everytime. Welp, I tried...I'm done.
  5. Seems like there's a lot of plans for the Semi-anniversary campaign, 50Gs for log-in bonuses is nice too. They also say multiplayer is also stated for tomorrow release but we'll wait & see. Personally, I'm at most only curious & not that interested, I'm not the PvP kinda' guy. I'l still give ita try every now & then though. =================== Currently at 97/100 event wise so I almost got the free SSR Walken. By some sort of luck, I've actually gotten 4 drops, 2 of which in the same think that I could actually LB an event SSR "normally". Well, its almost over. Hopefully the next one has more things of fun & interest.
  6. Well, update has the Schwarz crewadded to the gacha maybe permanently now. Although what reallygot my interest was why SSR Iyo was part of the main image. If she's got a rate-up then its only right to give it a good try. ============= If the event won't have any new twist or nifty addition, unless you really like Walken or want to fully LB him, getting the free event prize is the bare minimum & one should just prioritize on getting as much Skill level items from the challenge quest.
  7. @shinnarikaI'm still training my remaining 7(?) LB'd SR chinese Mikus for their affection gifts so a group w/ no attack skill needs a bit ofassurance. Ja, she's my 1st SSR CP. I've only gotten 1 other ticket going red w/ an SR one way, wayback then. I've also experienced once an R ticket turning SR...whimsical gacha'ing can bea mix bag I guess. ============= Somehow got an SSR Walken drop so I tried him out. His skill is interesting in that ahigh defense enemy's stat won't matter since his attack has a fix damage no matter what it seems. Lv.1 is 1k damage per hit so I guess max leveled, it will hit up to 16k (although it can still miss). Quite useful for newbies but those who've played long enough to get good units, he's not much.
  8. I bring Minori & Gretel or Rinka w/ those other 3 I'm training in the 30ap to greatly increase their survival. Hah, another contender & addition to the "they didn't seem to bother or think to hard/deeply" list. ============= Been starting to wonder, I do adore Inia but it seems her sister really likes me a lot for some reason. She was my 1st SR from the friend gacha and also onethat I've managed to LB from gacha results alone. And now my whimsical random HR ticket suddenly turned red and... Well, she's adorable as well anyway. It is a bit shameful that I still had some stray thoughts like "Oh, I wish this luck would have gone to the other gacha game I'm playing" or "Oh, I dohope its Inia...oh, its her sister, cool too I guess" and such.
  9. His new artwork just gives me an impression like he's younger, that's all And yes, LB'ing SSRs takes a ton of mats. For instance, SRs need only around 5 gold battle logs but SSRs jump up way too much. I guess it reflects the gamedevsgreed? I also like the new Shiranui's artwork. A TSFs rushing through under the moonlight... ================= Just tried out the new JPN forces exclusive quest, manageable enough. TSFs as enemies are different in the sense that their weaponry range is on par w/ ours meaning MGs will more likely hit as more & Rifle types pierce through several of oursquadmates. One of the bosses is even a Missile type so depending on the attributes & our luck on evasion, it can be bad. As usual, it's a survival type so beating all the bosses is only optional. Kill as many mooks for the drops & if able the bosses for the 30% item drops. Single target, AoE or Piercing/Missile types use whatever you can or is comfortable with.
  10. Good job devs, one of the features that could net you more money is bugged. Seriously though, hope your report gets through quickly then. ================= The new event quests are easy enough especially w/ all the past S type TSFs they've been giving us from back then. SSR Walken is actually nice & all but I'd be satisfied w/ the 100 times event prize really. My reaction 1st time seeing Walken wasn't surprise that we finally got a free SSR character but was instead, "Whoa, wait, kinda like in Yui's that a younger Walken?". Haven't tried the new challenge quest though, seems interesting. ================= The past event can be considered quite boring as the SSR TSF & featured gacha girls were considered "meh". (gamedevs probably wasn't happythat their income for that week was very lackluster) But for me it itwasn't so bad considering it enabled me to buy more mats & goodies from the event shop especially those delectable 30 gold battle logs. I wouldn't mind such "lowly" events every now & then, quite refreshing w/ no need to rush farming & being able to save g-ores, stamina drinks & such.
  11. Dunno' about that, seems intended. I actually found it interesting,Its like our ability/exploit to evade or cancel damage during skill cut-ins. We just got to learn to counter properly & not use skills to early. Also it is amusing how they can still push us when we're just starting to activate our skills & we end up out of our intended damage range. Seems like fixing the little graphic bugs are pretty low on their priority list seeing how Rifle TSFs still facepalming every victory & the MiG-27's wave cutter face thing isstill crooked...Or is it that JP players just isn't complaining about it or pointing it out?
  12. True, that ideadid come to mind...but w/ me, I usually bring a mish-mash of otherTSFs I'm not using& slowly level them up along w/ affection farming in lower difficulty ones using "left over" AP...I'm in no rush in getting those mats and/orores (w/c kinda explains why I still have more or less around 10 LB'd SR chinese Miku's that need fully affectioning).
  13. Basically... Your laughing now, but it being there in the gacha is now a permanent stain in the already low probability of us getting an SSR that we want. The odds are bad enough, now we might end up getting a "plain ol' Fubuki".yeech~ It actually took my third try before IS rankedthe last one. Using An AoE skill user definitely sped up clearing the trash. The large boss Destroyers finally got a new attack w/ its 'ramming through' ability. Easily manageable but can get bad when 2 of those pops out instead of just one especially w/ Laser class around. That shop SSR UN-00C is kinda' sad even w/ its monstrous defense looking at that pathetic attack power,can be usable w/ a pilot w/ awesome attack stats I guess. I'll just buy one for collection purposes though. I guess now we can see why they didn't make an SSR Shield type MiG-21 for Schwarz looking at that TSFs state & lack of charm. I think they should make the Shield types balance again, jack-of-all-stats & master of none. Kinda' like how low key it is. Gives enough rest time w/ no need to rush much when there's nothing super interesting to buy.
  14. *Is visiblytrembling in anticipation for confirmation*
  15. Judging from the past few events, the game should be manageable enough even for starting players mostly. They've also been giving away good or overall usable units & pilots per event either via drops or event shops (especially now that there are "free" SSRs are available). As long as one plays enough & uses the opposing attributes properly, they can finish at least up to around medium difficulty w/ slightly better odds.