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  1. Interesting event battles against all of Squad-C (w/ all of them having a chance to drop a rainbow chest too I guess). Them giving us the silver Berkut & the black YF-23 Spider is pretty awesome (it being Rifle type w/ its face palming WIN animation is the onlydownside) Got to see a few as supports. Man that looks nice...its like from a different mecha series altogether Us possibly getting some 4th gens (whose designs I like a bit more) & maybe fighting against those BETA-TSF hybrids in the future is rather plausible now.
  2. Holy crap!?! I know right? That was my 1st reaction as well! I mean...that...what...*random confused hand gestures* Details please, we need event details & such.
  3. New prize for everyone for the win! Quite curious about its characterscenario then. ATK leaves much to be desired but it is designed as a support so... ========================================= I only got both event TSF's drop a few times with both missing 2 more to be LB'd. Don't care much for the XFJ-1 (though its XM3 passive does make powerful attack skills even more broken) but I want a fully LB'ed Typhoon plus an extra, sure I can buy out the shop ones but still trying to save a bit. ========================================= Though there are cool ones I adore like the A-10, Rafale & Typhoon, I'm just being true to myself & kept on voting for theF-15 Kagerou/Eagle.
  4. 1st time using a SSR ticket, got something new & nice out of it. Also rolled for the Widow again, got an SSR but not something I wanted (The Tech 666 MiG-21 w/ low ATK) The BW's normal g-ore gacha's making me paranoid now since the 2 pictured TSF's doesn't have that boosted text in their Avatar icons. Makes me think they're only "included" but not "gacha boosted".
  5. @NexivaHaruko Maniax & a lot of the fanbase disagrees w/ you (and deep down, maybe you yourself too). Also, I like how you edited your sig. Not enough. Never enough. Triedto roll for the Gray Ghost.Typically failed w/ only 1 SR to show for. Much sighing commenced. Only got 1 Typhoon drop so far. I miss the 1/2 AP... The Y-23'spassive XM3 ability isn't bad, not exceptional either though. Typhoon's is also odd but a good mix especially w/ those high evasiontypes. The Su-47's though is interesting (If enemy is not BETA, -50% damage received. If BETA, gives+50% extra damage).
  6. @Voice_of_the_chaos_godsThose survey images seemtaken directly from a tweet so try uploading it in imgur of directly hereinstead. Like @haloff1I can't see it from my workplace as well since it seems to block of some sites like twitter. Mmm, I guess the girls could arrive in the last week of the event. Visually, the current event scenario doesn't seem as interesting unless they're talking about new info about TSFs?
  7. Oh, high evasion TSFs enemies all throughout meaningall those powerful Single Hitskills like the Takeru-Waifu-AoE-Nuke are often greatly neutered. We did get a reasonable amount of P-type pilots recently so that can be helpful somewhat. Was also surprised that the Girls collection has officially ended & now its new TSFs turn. Its also welcome though specially with that Mk.57 equipped Typhoon coming out. As enemies though, they are a force to be reckoned with as expected. Mmm, I guess I'll try to at least roll once ortwice at most for the YF-23 later...good luck to us all. Love how I can do this now~
  8. @ImabotOh, they release the Black Widow? Sweet.Since the BW isn't behind a paywall "exclusively", technically your oath doesn't fit. Unfortunately, since this is a special event, it would most likely be one time exclusive. BUT! We all know that variations & different attribute types will most likely come out again in the future (like one with its cool sword instead) so the gacha odds may be worrying but it has opened more possibilities as well. @NexivaTime to change sigs then. Can we get a few screenies as well as some event info fromthe update? Still gonna' be around 2+ hours before I could see for myself. Curious if the Widow's using it's custom bayonet assault guns & such.
  9. Seems like the natural course really...unlessthey actually expand the story & the game's MC actually interacts even more w/ the other heroines aside from the SF originals. With this part of the event almost over, I'm was only 1 heart away each from LB'ing Minori & Kasumi.I guess I'll just use mats for the missing ones. Heh, I wonder how Nexiva will react when/if a new Typhoon does come out but its on of the custom funny posing Anniversary ones.
  10. @NexivaI suggest that from the occasional gacha/ticket "try", just prepare all your summoning ammo for when a better Typhoon variations comes out later. Most likely along w/ the Euro guys but I understand the impatience & frustration. Good luck on that test as well! My sitrep: With this portion of the event almost done, I've only LB'ed Inia while Minori & Kasumi's still missing a few. Got around 50k+ tickets that I'll probably all use just before it ends, might as well try to get those possible needed drops as per usual.
  11. @ImabotHappy about that too, but it slightly' irks me that they pile all the characters I like in one place then says to rank them. @striker2521You can see the CP icon in Kasumi's avatar/pic. Sitrep: Currently at 12751 tickets & just got a Inia drop, yay~ Man, those Boost TSFs makes a hell lot of difference.
  12. @NexivaMm, true.Yuzuka's case is indeed out there compared to the other girls no matter how super non-canon this oddreunion is. Though low the possibility it may be, it is probablethat the one that could appear (or at least cameo?) is the 'have yet to be heard off & yet-to-be-traumatized' Alternative version. Your dedication to farming is impressive as always. (Got FGO's Nerofest to worry about too) Only got 1 SSR drop so far (yay Minori~) & only got to 5k tickets so far. Man those prizes got expensive. I'm aiming to at the very least get 15k to 21k tickets per character. Still have yet to use any of my SSR tickets, I'll know when the time is ripe. The self propelled autonomous Assault guns glitch still amuse me.
  13. New SSR Minori, Inia &Kasumi! Very nice inde-....wait, no longer 1/2 AP? The ticket prices are also doubled/increased? Ahhwww, too good to last throughout the Anniversary huh. New Minor's support skill (Lock-on a target & everyone does up to 80% more damage) is good especially if you want to the Boss dead as soon as possible. CP Kasumi's isa HP regen plus DEF buff and having a additional ATK buff if there are other healers is an interesting addition. Not yet sure about Inia's though, Single target & up to 50% of enemy's current HP loss as damage plus ATK debuff? Sounds kinda' bad half the time unless finishing off high HP or DEF bosses maybe. The Gacha TSFs isn't as bad compared to last time (Tiger color theme actually looks nice)...although their card artworks I think is actually worst (urgh, those poses). Their XM3 skills are also interesting like the Type-00R's ability to stun an enemy after skill damage. The Su-37's 20% pilot buff boost is kinda' boring but practical enough. Mmm, harder to farm & LB those lovely SSR's. I guess the 3rd part will bring in the usual MuvLuv casts plus SF originals since it seems to be their theme. More or less this plus 2 more weeks I think so I'm guessing Anniversary versions of Meiya, Sumika, Yui, & Yuzuka are almost guaranteed to come as well hopefully.
  14. @ImabotI agree, and here I thought they make extra effort on joke events. @striker2521Assuming you have both, there's alot of factors totake note of so w/c being 'better' isn't as clean cut anymore. How are their max stats (Awakened or otherwise)? Their skills? Are they offensive or buffs/debuffs? If offensive, are they SIngle or Multi-hit? ANd w/ the latest updates, what Attribute are they? Do they synergize well w/ the rest fo your squad? Doyou have a TSF that fits it & the pilots capabilities? That's most of them, now check for yourself & reach your own conclusions. ----------------------------------------------- My sitrep: Got all 3 girls to around 20k plus points & got their respective SSR tickets (aslo gotten a couple more Rainbow drops aside from Lise). Don't know if we'll get a mid-update seeing as the overall celebration plan is longer. There's a few more days left but I'm not sure I can farm for all 3 as equally anymore. A bit of a shame but I don't think I can farm even one of them all the way to get all the rewards.