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  1. @ImabotOh, I don't mind. Bit busy but I'll PM to ya' later then.
  2. Got my 1st SSR through the HR tickets, it was the Tech type Missile Shiranui 2nd. Takeru wise, I've gotten only 2 so far. Is he gold slot exclusive? I hope he isn't' & some newbies get him through silver despite the odds. I really wish they do, though the odds are pretty slim. The main reason I can think of is that: They 'sell'. In some cases, some fans got to know MuvLuv through TE's anime adaptation 1st so its no wonder they are quite in demand & some players are more than willing to "shell out" for them. Yui & Inia had so many variations but all of them so far were gacha exclusives (this fact of course pains me). But we did get events SSR's of Beatrix & Iris so there is glimmer of hope..maybe someday. Here's hoping, wishing & waiting.
  3. @NexivaI've tried to add you a few times back then when you rarely popped up in my list but I guess your request list is full & won't let me or something? Still getting that error(?) when I try. Also, I'm guessing that how LB the character is again boost it extra like the Valkyrie girls'casesince I've been getting a whole lot more drops just from Minori alone. (last mission got me 165 golds, 200+ silvers, etc.) Hah, this possibly is shaping out to be one of the best event yet rewards wise. Seriously, newbies who can get the proper boosting friends/supports can farm the easier missions well enough, get those silvermedals kids!Now if I can only get SSR Inia...
  4. Nice, congrats on the lucky rolls...ah, so jelly. I'm gonna try later too, wish meluck guys. Oh, & here's my ID again to those I haven't added yet.ts nice that I can field Xmas Minori again,enjoy the extra drop rate Boost~: IGN: Rue / ID: 27125787
  5. Well...Xmas bikini still fits summer...I guess? Good thing I already have Xmas Minori for her boost then. Ah, Xmas Inia...we meet again. Character only gacha w/ 3%SSR rate gives me a slight hope. No increase rate per try or anything though? Soanyone tried the slots yet? Does it seem or feel like they've "tweaked" it "against" us or anything?
  6. Finally got my own as well: My guess is that aside from the new gacha, they'll "fix" (as in lower) the SR girlsrates at most...maybe. I guess I better stop saving medals for now & use itall up before the update then. Reminds me of the timewhen lacking foresight in the game's early life, they allowed even N rarity characters lv.5/500% affection to give g-ore rewards. Thus farming for the low tier pilots began & they"fixed" it as quickly as possible. Where the JP players too happy & "noisy" about the farming this time as well that they realized they goofed a bit quickly again? Better be quiet & let them forget about their little special 'glitch' then. Also, wow...someone hasn't aged much: Maybe genetic modifications & such for survival became normal in the future too.
  7. Gotta' give the gamedevs props, this turned out to be one of their best events yet. The sheer amount of goodies one can get is staggering enough, they even made their slot system more balanced & 'fair' that pretty much everyone's farming as much as possible. The 40ap usually results with a niceamount of silver chests & that's good enough since the middle slot's rates & rewards are more than just satisfying (though there are times that I get 0-1 gold chests only). Managed to bring one of those rare support that Boosts drops once & wow, all the extra loot was satisfying. This kind of event canpotentially be pretty good for newbies/reasonably newer players as long as they can reach & finish at least maybe the 3rd tier event missions (where do silver medals start dropping again?). Just a few rolls in the middle slots could set them up a bit easier for the future w/ all the SR pilots, SSR mechs & HR tickets that could, if lucky, turn into higher rarity rewards. Regarding Takeru, his skill is indeed powerful (tried a few supports of him) w/c also accurately fits his lore so no problems there. just reached 900 gold again so I'll try to roll for him later. Just thought of it but regarding Squad-Ctime leaping to Schwarz;Unlike the Kyoto one, I guess one of the reasons they don't/weren't able to change history much is that because its in the distant past & saving characters & altering stuff can be "troublesome" plot wise eh?
  8. So I just tried spinning a few times It feels good...addicting even. It feels very satisfying rolling the slots & getting a lot of pretty nifty stuff, makes all your effort &farming work done very rewarding w/ all those...rewards. (I mean, each roll's got a decent catch for all those SR's, tickets, occasional SSR TSFs, etc.etc.) I-is this how whales feel when they use their plentiful g-ores nonchalantly to roll the gacha & get the occasional toconsistently good results? Such sweet poison.
  9. I've been using theRaptor as my lead in my training squad in cheaper/easier missions so I only see its "stealth" form consistently. I usuallycollect a significantly large amount of tokens before trying so I'll only go at it maybe a day or two later. Also farming for FGO's event is gonna' slow me down though.
  10. @NexivaSo basically... But seriously, I agree regarding the Raptor's stealth thing. Itwas nifty at 1st but I also prefer seeing my black elite looking F-22. Can't they make it make be turned on & off or maybe fade in & out when evading or something? This event does look like a nice place to get as much SR characters as one can to raise & get gold logs as well as g-ores. The gold medal drop ratesare rather atrocious though.
  11. Mine's white-ish gray as usual. Its just you & your phone I guess? From what you've shown of your inventory, you usually saythat but you keep staying & farming all throughout as usual anyway. As expected of an VN Ero-protagonist.
  12. 3 SSR Valkyrie Shiranuis huh...Takeru also finally gets his SSR version (Sowhat's his skill? the mission resets if he dies? Hahaha). Well, partly good news to me as I once again save my ores. Damn, slot machine reward system, again? Not the worst but still be pretty bad. Gathering points can be troublesome enough but requiring gacha levels of good luck per spin can really be frustrating. So, are there any new interesting story thingies event ones or otherwise? What's the gacha only stuff & the slot only rewards?
  13. @cassandraHeh, complete Wardog Squadron eh? All gacha SSR's too you lucky bastard (aside from Hibiki of course). I guess TE is their slightly more well known franchise (outside the original of course) since it did have a more decent & longer anime adaptation as well as having a pretty wide variety of characters & TSF's too so they are often seen/used.No need to talk about Schwarz, their bias towards it is too obvious. Eurofront really is an odd case, they've been releasing TDA stuff for a while now even if they can't integrate it the game's story. They won't be having much trouble in that regards concerning Euro (even if they also don't add event scenarios & such) yet its still no where to be seen. For the next update, Summer event is the most likely one since pretty much every mobage's doing ti right now...but they have been known to throw curveballs out of nowhere too so we'll see tomorrow huh.Hmm, what other events outside the main one can Squad-C & their multi colored timeline jumping mechs can interfere in & improve? Siterep: finally got to 5mil & got the SSR ticket, will use later when the moods right. Also somehow got another fully LB'ed SSR Wardog Shiranui w/c is nice I guess.
  14. Happens to me often too on the initial loading page. If it stays that long at 97%, might as well restart the app sine it will more likely lead to the error screen. Heh, nice Yuzu batch you've gotten there. The SSR Shiranui is also built especially for her since its stats complements & makes up for her skills' set-back a bit. Too bad her use will be greatly diminished when enemies w/ high evasion pops out in certain event missions. SItrep: LB'ed both Yuzuka & the Shiranui but still only around 3mil+ points, far still from the SSR ticket prize,it really is near impossible using conventional methods. I've been bringing characters that Boost points whenever possible along w/ the AP glitch abuse...its gonna' be a while (doesn't help that I can't S-rank 40ap consistently huh).
  15. Ja, it'a just a few parts of her part 5 since it will take way too much.