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  1. Since my old thread has gone silent over no one's fault but mine for too long, I think t be appropriate to start a new one but try to keep it active. Since I last ran my post, I ran this game twice. The first one was unsuccessful but it was expected and I learned a lot. The second time, it was more so but the table was set up wrong and it lasted 5 hours! So the numbers are being adjusted for our third appearance next month in Fredericksburg, VA. The even is Historicon and it is July 12 to 16. My games will be on Friday and Saturday at 9am. Whenever I find picks of the past 2 games, I will post them.
  2. Creation of Human Forces

    There is a new update to the blog. Check it out. Also this Friday, I will bring out what I have that is finished to do a short play-test of the rules and game mechanics to see if it will even work. I hope to have video but no promises.
  3. Creation of Human Forces

    Creation of Human Forces. Huh? Yes, fear not fellow eichi, commanders and such. This is a new thread that I felt would be appropriate instead of filling up the other one. This one will be my modeling work as the other one will be more about rules and such. With that, lets start. First up is a 1/144 scale AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. After some research, I found that this best fits the C model. The kit is from Zvezda and it's a bit finicky but decent model when it's built RIGHT! Instructions must be followed CAREFULLY to build this kit right. That and be careful NOT to force any of the parts together. The plastic is soft. With it built, it be onto painting but not now. I must drown my sorrow for Navy lost to Army.
  4. Creation of Human Forces

    New update to the blog!
  5. Anime Central 2017

    Wish I could travel that far with my game in tow but from Maryland to Chicago is a long way.
  6. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Hello everyone! I have been busy with various other works and projects but as of now, a more completed rulebook with corresponding cards and such are ready for download but I am still hesitant to create a website since the use of content is not mine. So if anyone wants to read the rules, PM me here or over at my blog and I will send a link with the 8 part ruleset.
  7. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Hello pilots and commanders. I am currently creating a 1/144 scale table top wargaming series. The concept is simple. Hardly anyone will be the BETA as a battalion sized force is created by drawing 4 cards for every turn with possibly 1 or 2 or all 4 being event cards that will help for hurt the players chance of achieving their objective; whether it be survive x number of turns or wipe out the BETA. The TSFs will have support such as infantry (oh god), tanks, artillery (both on map and/ or off map), helicopters and even orbital bombardment. At the moment, the game is still being written with 7x F-15E Eagles on their way from HLJ. The smaller BETA such as Solder, Warrior and Tank Class are one base equal 10. Laser class, using the BETA pie chart found on the Muv-Luv wikia pretty much individuals on one base but with current rules can be DEADLY and hamper arty support but a layer of metal cloud should help. Larger classes such as Grappler, Destroyer, Heavy Laser and Fort class are individuals. All of them are to scale and right now, that has presented a problem with the Fort class. Current views are making the Fort class wider than should be. Is there any views of a frontal shot of a Fort class? Also, with your opinion, should I even bother with a Laser Fort Class? That is all for now. A website will be included with all of the downloads available soon.
  8. Creation of Human Forces

    And here we have another massive update.
  9. Creation of Human Forces

    Another update.
  10. Creation of Human Forces

    And it's done! Onto my TSFs until the first of the vehicles arrive sometime this week.
  11. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Got a blog started.http://mvatactics.blogspot.comHere I will post all future updates as I will use this forum to talk about events and such. Right now, the game will make its debut at Cold Wars 2017 at Lancaster, PA. to see you eishi there.
  12. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Well, that is true. I may try a blog instead and put the rulebook and corresponding downloads onto a file sharing host ... website and do it that way.
  13. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    The rulebook is done as is several IJA, US Army off-map support options and infantry options. Anyone wanna a look-see?
  14. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    And I am done! Anyone want a copy to read over?
  15. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    It is now Wednesday, November 9th and as of now, I am almost done writing the rulebook but no website yet. My debut battle won't be until February. That gives me plenty of time to find and buy infantry, tanks, helicopters, drones, get the last 5 Eagles in, count-as for the Type 89 Feedback Protector and if I feel like it or funds are there, Revoltech F-18s. Hey, I'm a naval guy at heart. I can't help it that I want the navy to bail out the army. It also means the opposite once I get marines. Any who, the first battle I imagine will be in Japan. I know the US Army was involved but all I know is that the US Navy was involved with the Theodore Roosevelt. Therefore, I imagine a more heavy involvement. The first battle will be all american with some Japanese support in the form of air and artillery support and maybe infantry if I can either find or mod some up. As of now, all I have are prototype paper bases and 2 eagles. Next month is when the hard work begins.
  16. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    I thought not all models had that option. So my Eagles don't have anything like that. Unless proven otherwise, I am not going to give them smoke or anti-laser smoke. If they ever make the older models of TSFs, (sticking to real world terms here like the Type-77 Gekishin, love to see aType-81 Wadatsumi, Type-82Kai Zuikaku, Type-89Kagerou,Type-94 Shiranui,Type-97 Fubuki, and the prototypes of theType-00 Takemikazuchi) then I will since they seem to be a Japanese thing but I do imagine other nations incorporating such measures. Again, I have no evidence to say otherwise. Missile containers on the other hand will be able to carry two munitions type; Sub-munitions and AL. Nothing says DIE BETA like BIG BOOMS! I did a quick search and apparently, according to the wiki of theType-82Kai Zuikaku,, the laser dispersing chaff counter measure is a Japanese feature. Plus the shoulders of the Kai Zuikaku are larger than that of the Type-89 Kagerou which is a Japanese built F-15 Eagle.
  17. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Update: Nov 2, 2016: Ran a quick play test last Friday and adjusting the numbers and STILL writing the rulebook. 70% done writing the rough copy. Readjusting BETA base sizes and rules.
  18. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    With me, it took a long while but I was suckered into it finally after watching "Black Mark". (My german needs SEVERE polishing). At first, I watched some of Total Eclipse; got turned off after Yui became to me at the time, all anti-american. It wasn't tis last month that I rematched the entire series after "Black Mark" and finished Total Eclipse. That and in between, watching all I could on youtube variousgame films.
  19. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Thanks for the photo. So there is very little difference between Kotobukiya and Revoltech. Sweet. As for the quality of the photo, I've taken worse so no sweat. As for game update, rules are still being written. No progress on creating a website but all materials from templates to bases for the BETA have been made. I have 2 quality ones. Set A has a scaled height image of what class of BETA the base represents on a scaled "foot print" of class. Set B is just the base foot prints. Tanks, Soldier and Warrior class are on a base that equals 10 as Lasers are individual. All I have is just the one card for the Eagle as those are still incoming. I found places where I can buy 1/144 scale tanks, helicopters, drones and infantry. Things next month will be slow as I have a war-game convention in Lancaster, PA to attend (where I will have my Gundam and WW2 game rules in play). No, this game will not be there. It's too soon. Play tests on a large scale won't be until probably February. In case anyone is wondering, here are some samples. In case anyone was wondering, yes; this is an in depth game where the BETA are chosen at random by the BETA/ Event Cards. Certain units equal X amount of cards i.e. 1 TSF equals 6 cards but 4 are drawn a turn. That sounds small but numbers are not final yet until I can do some small scale play tests to determine the best numbers. Lasers can do what they do best unless a metal cloud is deployed but should that be an event card or something hat artillery support should provide? Of course, lasers can intercept artillery support. Just that Heavy Lasers can knock out the shells that are inbound in one shot! As lasers can only knock out one shell at a time. So the more arty, the better! Plus they can only fire once a turn. All shooting, movement, "surfacing", etc are done by action points so if one wants, they can shoot 3 times but they won;t be able to re-roll these and they will eat through ammo FAST! By my math, they can only fire for 7 turns this way and if the supply pod card isn't drawn, too bad. Destroyed TSFs can come back into the game but in what state depends upon the die roll. How the BETA will act will also depend upon a die roll so this as well as a scenario maker will make no two game the same. These are just some of the things that are in the game.
  20. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Well, just a general feel of the difference in height. I think it be great of have my squadron of Eagles backed up by Hornets if the cards; quite literally, play out that way. But before I get 2 - 4 Hornets, I wanted to feel just how different they are height wise.
  21. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Hey, does anyone have a revoltech and a kotobukiya TSF? I would like to see the difference between the two height wise.
  22. Is it too late?

    This kickstarter ... is it just for Extra/ Unlimited? I wish there was 1 for Alternative and then the rest.
  23. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    I would like that too but Volks is more like 1/100. This makes owning TSFs more expensive yet there is more on the market for 1/100 or 15mm. The pics show 3 something under the skirt armor of the Eagles.
  24. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Gah! A lot has happened and the website will be delayed for a week! On the other hand, 2 F-15Es are coming in hot (lame) from hlj. As soon as they come in, I will test the mechanics myself but also by that time, I hope a website will be up and running. I got various printable BETA, depending on how one wants to play. I will post picks of what I mean. Also right now, I am creating a stat card for the Eagles. Before then, where should I go to start a website? Also, does the Eagle have ammo under its "skirt" armor?
  25. Muv-Luv Alternative: Tactics

    Thanks for your input. I already used that chart for my conversion for 1/144 but I wish for a solo full frontal. Apparently and unfortunately, no such thing exists. Well, it's not a true problem. Just that at scale, at the angle of one of the shots for the Fort class, it is wider than what it should be. Either that or I have to do my math again. I am currently creating a very tough draft with just the basic mechanics. I should be done by the end of the week and with that, a website of some sort that allows downloadable content.