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  1. @SuperKimxD No stretch of the imagination coming from a super fan you two are my heroes. Ayu mayu this and a certain MAD i found on nicovideo is like the only healing i have had after Alternative it was greatly appreciated great voice and the lyrics were very clever.
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Sometimes i place my mouse on my leg and just click away but there's also the option of having auto read on and skipping occasionally if you've finished reading before the dialogue continues. But heck i even switch back and forth from my keyboard sometimes, i'm a little weird.
  3. Any advice on starting with Visual Novels?

    @cabfeI'm gonna recommend the Ar tonelico series which got me started and has vn elements. Ar tonelico 2 still remains my favorite jrpg all these years like Muv-Luv has remained my favorite series all these years. The first one is a bit dated but the sound track and the diving system makes up for it very underrated and one of the easier titles to pick up, two is a bit more difficult because of the gameplay but if you've played a few rhythm games you should find it easy enough.
  4. Is it too late?

    @onlymesI would have loved a Vita physical myself but they at least happily changed my digital from android to vita not that long ago so.. i wouldn't think it would be too late.
  5. @FaceEaterThis series broke me.. I do anything to make the days easier. ;_;
  6. Steam Charts

    @MovrForget what site it's listed under but you can easily read Extra in 10 hours, i have done it.
  7. @rlranftYeah i can appreciate she has something different to offer for j-pop. I think i would appreciate her more if i gave her albums a listen.
  8. @rlranftKumi Koda but Minami Kuribayashi is a goddess compared to her and she sings doubt the world in episode 20-24. Aki Misato's snow maiden ain't bad either but personally i love the remix in the visual novel. I think i was turned off by the drastic difference in sound to Muv-Luvs usual approach with music but go to the top is alright. It brought us an amusing music video at the very least. lel
  9. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    @Marx-93Literally 'one song.' And it was a smart choice on their part that i don't want them to pursue any further. Other than that yes.
  10. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    @Tits_McgruffTakes me awhile to formulate my thoughts coming up with the words i desire myself hence why i edit so much. Sometimes i end up messing up a word or two but i wouldn't read too much into something like that, i get the impression KimiGuy is pretty chill.
  11. Changes to OST / Music licensing problems

    Still waiting.
  12. @Davidtonigobe needs someone to take over or help him out because yeah it's clearly gonna take as long as Berserk to finish. lel Five years now i still haven't grown out of this series being my top favorite. Personally i'm a firm believer there's still much more to come so i don't mind the wait when it's a series like this.