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  1. hmmmm ok I mean that's kind of what I wanted to know was if unlimited was truly a separate game, although it kind of seems bizarre to me that if stuff that you do in extra doesn't carry over. Really I thought if you lets say do a Meiya route in extra I wanted to know if you'd go into unlimited in a relationship with her. Now keep in mind I don't know the endings to extra and I've never played a squeal to a VN either, plus judging from others peoples responses its sounds like spoilerish territory so I won't prob much more on that. Also with the steam version do you have to beat extra to unlock unlimited? I'm asking because I don't have the steam version right now but I do have a well lets say another version I downloaded but never played from a long time ago and I was going to play extra on that since I'm impatient lol, and just play unlimited when I buy it off of steam later.(waiting for 18+ patch since I despise censored games)
  2. Wait so the game unlimited can read your saves from extra? They are 2 separate games right? Well I guess it doesn't matter too much since you say so but your comment did make me curious for some reason. Going off topic myself, huge Fate and tsukihime fan here, but I never watched carnival phantasm. I feel so ashamed now lol.
  3. I don't really understand but I guess I can only figure out when I play the game, thanks for your guys help anyways though. Just wondering though which one is the main route? I've heard is apparently Sumika and Meiya are required while the rest are optional(correct me if I'm wrong). It doesn't really specify on the guide I'm looking at which one is the main one?
  4. Hey I haven't played Muv-luv yet but I am very interested the series, what I'm wondering is if you go down a particular route in extra how exactly does that transition into Unlimited and eventually Alternative? Every girl has a different ending am I right? If so is there like some decision you make at the beginning of Unlimited and alternative to continue down a particular path? Or does your decisions in previous games just not matter at all which in my mind would be kind of disappointing?