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  1. The Susano-O while piloted by the 00 Unit is ostensibly "unmanned," though technically the "AI" is a digitized human mind.
  2. And I've come to the conclusion that it's a toss-up for the best girl - Tsukuyomi Mana or Kouzuki Yuuko. Also, while reading Alternative I realized I had heard Suzumiya Akane's voice somewhere before. It's Matsushima Michiru from the Grisaia games (I'm sure I'm late to the party on that one). It was her "flustered" lines that gave it away for me - pretty adorable. I saw a bunch of "man, causality conductor explanationwas wrapped up too fast" comments around - but the foreshadowing was there for freakin' ever and I'm amazed that so many people apparently didn't catch on. I do kind of agree that the final chapter feels a bit too quick, though. Something else - I get that some scenes are meant to have moreimpact and so the pacing seems like it should be controlled by the writer... but, damn it, I read hella fast and when you make me sit through twenty minutes of exposition it kind of pisses me off. Not to mention that I'm not sure where I have to pick up for the unlocks so I'm thinking I'm going to have to sit through those scenes four more times....
  3. These guys have a long history of poor community interaction when they're under pressure. They're still working hard, I'm sure, but some management types somewhere are probably "horribly ashamed" over what they see as a failure to deliver on time. It would be really nice if they'd adopt Bioware's old attitude of "it'll be done when it's done - here's what we're doing this week" (something that Bioware has lost in recent years, sadly). Anyway, don't read too much into their silence - they'll poke their heads up when they're ready. Perhaps they should open-source their engine - having half a million nerds picking at it might actually help. There are some pretty smart people out there and many would be happy to contribute just for shits and grins.
  4. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    lol - yeah, but not too bad - I mean, not quite three months dead. I've seen threads resurrected after almost five years before....
  5. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    There is - it's called "don't respond."
  6. Hi!

    I'd say it's in-bounds - it's a reason for not being on these forums very much..... I lurk most of the time myself - as haloff1 said, just waiting for the next drop.
  7. Changed ost

    Parodies are generally protected under Fair Use. The master of Fair Use is Weird Al - but he chooses to ask permission and pay royalties anyway as a courtesy.
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Have you tried using WINE? I don't own any Apple computers, but you could test it with some other games to see if they work. Anyone have any feedback on this?
  9. How can i get this game?

    You're pretty demanding, aren't you?
  10. How can i get this game?

    Whoa - I watch Twitter for the long list of artists who routinely post work there. Of course, as a result my Twitter feed is not really safe for work ... but hey.
  11. How can i get this game?

    Where? I don't see them here and I don't see them on Twitter from @muvluvseries which I apparently mistook as primary community interaction channels. My suggestion was to put it in the Command Post - I put it under Site Feedback. It makes sense to put them on this site since this is the official community portal - or am I just nuts?
  12. How can i get this game?

    These guys aren't great at communicating progress, but there was a tweet on their Twitter ( @muvluvseries ) showing progress porting graphics on Jan 6 - just a composite test, but it's better than silence. I'd kind of like to see a monthly progress report - or even a monthly "hey, we're still alive" announcement - but their PR staff must be like 0 or something....
  13. Muv-Luv on Android/iOS

    Not bad, not bad at all. I usually avoid getting new hardware for such a narrow purpose, but that's a good price if you're going that direction. The main reason I'd advocate remoting is that you can use your existing phone or tablet to do it with - but you've got to be aware of the security risks too.
  14. Muv-Luv on Android/iOS

    Or set up a RDP or VNC service on your PC and remote in using a capable client from any other machine to remote the whole computer. They make clients for Android that can use this - I remote my work PC (Windows rig) from my Galaxy S6 routinely.
  15. The Kickstarter is long over, but there is a chance that there will be extra backerkitrewards when the dust settles. They've said that they may sell undeliverable items afterwards.