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  1. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Good luck with that. RioX is (as far as I'm aware of) the only reliable way of extracting assets from the .rio archives ixtl use, and RioX doesn't work with the Steam release of Muv-Luv. I've got it partly working through some tinkering of my own, but that was an arduous process, and that's before even considering the plugin you'd need to write to hook the engine and have it replace the images on the fly (since through all of my testing, trying to repack assets into .rio archives is an even more fiddly process). Not to mention that now that the game is live on Steam, ixtl could easily break that plugin by pushing an update if they so desired (and they probablywould, too).They are really not keen on people messing with their shit. Of course, maybe you'll find a dedicated community member who is prepared to do the necessary work (I'm not), as well as continually patching against ixtl's updates. Or maybe ixtl would just live and let live, who knows. Most likely, you end up with a huge dump of upscaled CGs which can't be reliably implemented into the game and exist just to look at in Windows Photo Viewer. Maybe I'm wrong, I'd love to be proved wrong, but I just don't see it happening. EDIT: If you are aware of other tools which can reliably extract data from .rio archives then let me know and I'll see if they pose any more promise.
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Well, I haven't seen any other complaints about it not working (admittedly I haven't actually looked), so it's either a bug that only arises under a very specific set of conditions, or it's on your end. If you have some way of replicating it on another device (or get someone else to), then that would help. I just told you, âge/ixtl removed the feature years ago and they have no interest in re-implementing it whatsoever. This has been a subject of complaint on Japanese boards as well. The last game that supported this function was (I believe) the 2008 KimiNozo Latest Edition. The engine has undergone multiple revisions since then, and for whatever reason they deemed scrolling text no longer necessary. The dialogue scripts contain more than just speech/narrative, there are numerous control characters (that control things like text pauses etc) that are a pain to work with when dealing with variable-speed scrolling text. It is for this reason that I assume they removed the feature, and it's not something that will be coming back anytime soon, unfortunately.
  3. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Because age removed this from their games years ago and they have no interest in re-implementing it. Nothing to be done Alt + Enterdoesfull screen the application. If it doesn't for you, that's a problem on your end. (also I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you saying Alt+F4 to full-screen the old version is a typo or a really shitty troll attempt)
  4. Changed ost

    No, it is not a parody. It is a rip off (or "heavily inspired by", if we want to give them the benefit of the doubt) of a pre-existing work, used without copyright holder's permission. Nor does it outright say "Hey, this is actually a song by Ricky Martin". A rip off is not a parody, byany means.Fair Use allows "any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work".Warudakumi does none of these things. It is not a commentary on the song, it's certainly not a critique and it isn't a parody either. Just because the song itself is light-hearted and fun doesn't make it a parody. Maybe if it included lyrics re-written but heavily reminiscent ofLivin' La Vida Locathey might be able to argue it was a parody, but it doesn't, they just took the melody of the song and played about with it a bit. Note how in your example, they are not only completely rewriting the song's lyrical content for comedic purpose, but also outright name Kanye West. South Park admittedly frequently stretches the bounds of Fair Use, but by doing this they are technically adhering to the criteria. It would beverydifficult for ixtl/age's legal teams to be able to pass warudakumi off as anything other than plagiarism, and the legal fees (and potential settlement/licensing fee) they would have to cough up are absolutely not worth it to them. It is a legal area that you can argue is abused by many content creators, but in this instance it's just unfortunately not something they can argue, as nice as it would be to have the song included in the game.
  5. Changed ost

    What is Fair Use?
  6. 18+ Patch

    The problem here is that you must remember that you're dealing with 2 separate entities here. Degica and ixtl are two separate companies, with a different modus operandi. What Degica may want to do, may not be what ixtl wants right now, and vice versa. All the members of the localisation team are representing Degica, and are therefore bound by professionalism. What might seem like a perfectly innocuous comment from them, could, potentially, be interpreted very negatively by ixtl and cause a problem. This not only reflects badly on them, but then also on Degica itself. It is a minefield, and as a result people are perhaps a little worried about making statements, lest they be seen as finger-pointing. Nobody wants to see in-fighting part-way through such a large and important project. I can sympathise with why you may feel like it's being ignored - but this is probably done out of necessity, not just laziness/not caring. As soon as the team are given some sort of concrete information, it will certainly be made available to you all, as I am sure they're just as keen to get these things sorted as you are to see them released.
  7. 18+ Patch

    We all "want" things. We don't always get what we want when we want it. Companies areloatheto give concrete dates or even rough estimates for things purely because of what we are seeing now. Namely, people asking over and over "is it done yet?", "is it ready?", "when will it be released?" etc etc. Full corporate transparency is unfortunately something that is not always practical, especially when dealing with a project like this. There is a very good chance that you cannot be given an ETA, because they themselves have probably not even been told what it is yet. Japanese developers are notorious for being obtuse, and as you don't have a clue what goes on behind closed doors you would be well inclined to believe that "it will be out when it's done" is indeedthe best they can do right now. Rest assured, people are well aware about the demand for the 18+ patch, and are doing what they can to get it to you as quickly as possible.If you don't like this, take it up with ixtl. The timing of the patch release is their decision, not Degica's
  8. Changed ost

    As Hirei has previously said, the song was removed due to legal issues that would've likely arisen had it been included along with this release. This wasn't something that was ever negotiable, and it wasn't a decision that came from Degica, but rather ixtl themselves. Most people are in agreement that it's a shame it had to be removed, myself included - but them's the breaks. Licensing is expensive, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices. That's an apology, not a passive aggressive comment. Read it in context