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  1. Hello again. It's been 12 days or so and I still haven't heard from anyone from the Muv Luv team regarding my gift bag. I'm really concerned, especially considering that seeing as the gift bag didn't make it to me, the game might not as well. I have checked and re-checked my emails and shipping information on Kickstarter, and everything checks out. Could someone please reply here or message me about my gift bag and whether or not I should be concerned about whether or not I'll get the game when it ships? Thank you. kingrisen: Thanks for the input. I'll give the staff another shot to message me or post on here, but if I don't hear from someone by Monday, August 1st, I'll message someone.
  2. Hello. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but after a cursory search of the forum, I have not found an answer. I pledged $280 via Kickstarter to secure the physical edition et al, plus the gift bag. I recall settling everything in Backerkit and even got a confirmation email from Kickstarter confirming this. However, I have not gotten my gift bag yet. My understanding is that these were sent out back in April, according to the email dated April 14. It's been just over three months since this email, and I have yet to receive any notice that my bag has been shipped. What's going on? Was it lost in the mail? Did I miss out? Is there any way I can still get my gift bag? Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.