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  1. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier What is Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier? Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier (MLSF for short) is a browser game based on Muv Luv that be played on DMM.com. It was released in September 2016 and new content is still added every week. Unfortunately there is no new English version. In this game, you collect characters and TSFs of the Muv Luv universe, represented by cards, and you use them to fight the BETA or human forces. Besides the gameplay, there is a main story as well as dedicated stories for each SR and SSR characters. The video bellow gives a concrete overview of the gameplay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdtNVKgTYqs Is there any English translation available? Unfortunately, not really. Very few English-speaking players know this game and even less can read Japanese and are willing to translate it. So far, I’m mostly the only translator. Even so, not much is done. There is an outdated wikia that still contains very useful information about the game here : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/. By reading it, you should know enough to play the game. I’m planing to improve it but…I’m alone and I prefer to translate the main story first. Anyways, if you ask a question here, I’m sure someone will answer very quickly. What are the characters and TSFs in the game? As of January 2017, almost all of the major characters and TSFs from Muv Luv Alternative, Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse and Muv Luv Unlimted The Day After are released. What about the story? The game has a main story that you unlock part by part as you clear the main quests. In the main story, you, the player, is a high school student in Yokohama. And one day, you and your childhood friend Shirakawa Minori are pulled into Muv Luv Alternative , some days after the beginning of Muv Luv Alternative. I will let you discover the rest by yourself. Besides the main story, the event story (related to the main story), each SR and SSR has a character story. In the R18+ version of the game, that character story is a hentai scene with the character. In the all-age version of the game, it’s instead a chapter about the character. The character stories don’t have any relation with the main story. They are like omakes. Is the game fun? The game is like Kantai Collection. The graphics are 3D but limited and the quests are very shorts (3 minutes max). The game was made to be played on smartphone. If you like collection and Muv-Luv, you will surely like it. One thing that will surely bother you is that you can’t play as much as you want. There is a stamina system. When you play a quest, your stamina is used and when your stamina is completely depleted, you have to wait several hours to refill it. You can refill immediately with special items ( one of them can be bought with money). The gameplay looks promising but unfortunately the game is unbalanced. Quests are at high level too easy (especially with SSR cards). However, major changes are going to happen soon. For example, a multiplayer mode will be added. There are new events every week. Is the game free? Like many DMM games, it’s a free-to-play but pay-to-be-the-best. In this game, the most powerful characters and TSFs (rarity SSR) can mostly only be gotten through money. BUT it’s perfectly possible to clear any quest with only free characters/TSFs. Since there is no pvp, it’s not really a pay-to-win. Even without paying, it’s possible to get all the cards in the game but it’s incredibly difficult. Many cards are only available through events so it's important to play every week if you don't want to miss anything. OK it looks interesting so how do I begin? Please read the wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Registration and then http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Play You need a VPN or live in Japan to play the all-age version. You don’t need a VPN to play the R18+ version. Note that the game progress is synchronized on all versions of the game. For example, you can play the all-age version then the R18+ version and then the smartphone version. Useful links: The wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki The reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/StrikeFrontier/ The all-game version of the game : http://www.dmm.com/netgame_s/muvluvsf/ Previous thread : Some pictures of the game: Current event :
  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS thanks to the new update and you guys, I managed to farm 900 gold and I got Takeru!!!! He's just level 70 and his skill is still level 1 but he's already my strongest character! So overpowered!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! @Reis I think the SSR rate is 3% as written. It means the Inia rate is 1%. I wouldn't recommend you to try to get it, especially because you already have Minori but ... it's your choice. @Nexiva The bonus is capped at +600%. One character limit broken 4 times = +300%. So yes. two Christmas characters are better than one.
  3. Thanks. But damn, no cooldown? In that case he's the most powerful attacker! Even stronger than Lise! ..... I should really get him buttttttt I don't have time to farm...
  4. For the people who has Shirogane, how long is the cooldown of his skill? How much time do you have to wait before you can use it again? What about the damages? It says that the damages are increased when the whole squad is female but it doesn't say by how much.
  5. @Nexiva Akane's skill is 'Do 900% damages to all enemies around her. If her hp are bellow 50%, damages are increased'. Akane provides a drop rate bonus depending on how many times she got limit-broken: 0 time : +50% 1 time : +100% 2 times : +150% 3 times : +200% 4 times (max) : +250%.
  6. You're right. In the case of Akane's Shiranui, when the TSF is destroyed, it will resurrect one time. At most, 50% of its hp will be restored.
  7. Ahah I sure want more Yui (except if they are gacha exclusive). But I agree that there are too many TE events. And too many SM events. And too many TDA events. Well actually too many not-Yui event. Good idea for Takeru's skill! That would be very fitting indeed. But unfortunately it's not the case. His skill is : 'Do 1200% damages to all enemies around you. If the whole squad is made of female character (Takeru not included), damages are increased. As expected of the love nucleus protagonist of Muv Luv. He's the most powerful event offensive character yet. Too bad it's going to be hellish to get him.
  8. Wow I'm very surprised by the alternative manga. I never expected they would spoil what happens 48 years later. I didn't buy nor read it yet, but now that you spoiled us, I'm really tempted to buy it on amazon kindle and read the end. About Inia's scenario, you didn't post everything right? It looks like some part are missing. The screenshots you posted are from which chapter?
  9. @cassandra , @m3nth0l Welcome new players I'm surprised but happy to see you there. I wish you would manage to quickly get a strong squad but the game is merciless... The best CP is in general the CP with the highest attack stat. The skill is not that important because you can only use the CP's skill three times per battle. Still, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat. ................ The event is almost over and even though I can reliably clear the inferno quest, I didn't get a single Kyoko I did the inferno quest about 50 times I think... I had the stamina to do it but not the time...Well I will give up on her. Kyoko is nice but not necessary for me. Having a tank character is pointless when you have two healers like me. @Nexiva I'm betting next event is about C-squad! @Edelweiss Yes I'm sure you're right. I also hope they will buff the old characters and TSFs. I didn't see any date.
  10. You know, I didn't get one Kyoko yet, even though I cleared the inferno quest with boost mode activated more than 15 times already. You got soooo many event characters and TSFs...but not enough of them are XM3ed/awaken. I'm not sure which character(s)/TSFs you should awaken. Why you cannot clear the inferno quest for now? Is it because your squad dies too fast? Do not do enough damage? Which of your characters are max skills? You should first upgrade your strongest characters. For XM3, the new Takemi is the best choice for sure.
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSS My best characters are finally awaken! Look at this super duper powerful squad! With this squad, not only I can finish the inferno quest without item or gem but I can even S-rank it!! All of the characters and TSFs have been chosen carefully. I remarked a very important thing. Recently the event characters have very powerful skills BUT the their skills take more time to be filled up again. Old characters like my Yui recharge their skills almost two times faster! I tried to switch my Yui to Ikaruga but my squad performance severely decreased even if his stats were higher on paper. Skill cooldown time is very important because besides skill's effect, skill stops time and cancels enemy attacks. It matters a lot at the higher levels. About Ikaruga, I made a mistake. His skill " Does 900% damage to the enemies inside his weapon standard area of effect. Buff the squad's attack by 40%. Looks very powerful but the cooldown time is huge.
  12. The new event is woooooooooooooow! It's for now the best event yet! Two new event SSR Characters! Kyoko, very high defense stat with a super skill! Her skill is "Attack the surrounding enemies to you for 20 seconds. Increase her defense 100%"! She's the ultimate character for defense. Ikaruga. very high attack and powerful skill. His skill is "Do 900% damages to all enemies around you that have an AOE weapon. Increase the squad's attack by 40%." I'm not too sure about the meaning/translation. One new event SSR Prototype Blue Takemikazuchi with Machine Gun. Event shop : TONS OF AWAKENING AND XM3 materials! Enough to awaken 2 SSR Characters and 1 SSR TSF! The sequel of the past event story. Very interesting. Now I want to know whether it will influence the main story. There is one major problem though. The event will only lasts 6 days. I'm afraid I won't have the time to get the event SSRs and the materials... The game has really gone a long way since September 2016...
  13. @Nexiva I'm sure there is at least one person who plays the game 24/24. Actually there are several special rewards for the players who manage to get into the top 1000. All players within the top 1000 get several special combat items like +100% attack for the whole squad.
  14. Hummm actually I'm still upset over the "Gache Betrayal" event. But I'm still playing, though not as often. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW congratulation! I'm very happy that you got what you wanted ever since you began the game! I thought for sure you would fail to get her. Once again congratulation! (Reis and Shinnarika please be next! Bu don't spend real money for the gacha) This event was relatively short. 6 days I think? You guys got a good rank but I'm 1886# something lol. Well I just played one time per day. I got 2 SRR Gold Zuikaku, 2 SSR Red Zuikaku and 2 SR Chara (forgot her name). That's already enough. Humm the story looks very interesting. I didn't read the story recently. I'm waiting to get a dozen of chapters queued so that I can read everything at once without waiting.
  15. I'm disappointed that the new Yui is young Yui, I prefer older Yui . But I perfectly understand that some people prefer her younger self, right Imabot? Gacha = best way to be disappointed and waste your money. But you know that already, don't you? So about the step-up gacha ... Step 1 : 5 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 2 Step 2 : 8 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 3 Step 3 :11 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 4 Step 4 : 11 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 5 Step 5 : 11 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 8, at least 1 SSR Step 6 : 11 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 10 Step 7 : 11 pulls, at least 1 SR, new SSR rate * 12, at least one new SSR Each step you get items (enough to awaken a character at the end of step 7). Two important WARNINGS: According to the update note on the website, the new guaranteed (step 7) SSR is one of the two new SSR TSFs. But according to the gacha description inside the game, the new guaranteed SSR is one of the new SSR Characters. Which is correct? I don't know. The "new SSR rate*2" doesn't mean that your odd of getting Yui or Yuuhi is 3% but something like 0.5% because the base SSR rate is still 1.5% and there are many SSRs.
  16. @Nexiva 3 days non-stop. I feared as much. I don't know how you could do it. I really really wanted Beatrix and Irisdina but even then, I was close to giving up after just 15,000 medals. i I think the devs tried to bring up non-muv luv fan. That's why the main story is told by a new character who like us doesn't know MLA. @Milkshake In November/ December, the characters and SSRs got suddenly a lot stronger. So basically new SSRs = old awaken SSRs. It sucks for the players who spent money at first. I expect the future cards will be stronger and stronger too.
  17. @Nexiva 60k for Irisdina and 10k for Beatrix...Your will impresses me ! How many hours did it take? I don't event want to imagine. If I were you, I would have either given up and made a bot (I'm sure it would have been faster). I'm sure using the stamina bug is against the rules but ... frankly I'm sure the devs are never going to catch you. Hell, they don't even care. One day I told them there was a bug but nothing was done. @Miloosa94 It's incredible you managed to get Irisdina and Beatrix despite being a new player! Did you farm the 30 stamina quest? To improve your squad, the best way is first to focus on our 6 most useful characters. My recommendations are : Limit break, LV UpP and awaken your CP. The CP's stats are added to all pilots' so raising the CP's stats is the most efficient way to get stronger. LB and max skill your support character with useful skill. LB and awaken your pilots with the strongest attacks. Max skill your pilots with the strongest attack skill As skill level up items and awakening items are precious, I recommend you to keep them for the most useful SSRs. In your case : LB (limit break) your CP Irina . Since it's a SR, it's not that expensive. Her skill is +60% defense for the whole squad. LB and max skill Irisdina. Her skill might be currently the best in the game : heal 50% of the HP of the squad + 30% attack and defense of the squad! LB and awaken your Beatrix. As you don't have many SSRs, I think it's best if you keep two Beatrix for now. Max Skill Beatrix's skill. Her skill is very powerful : inflict 600% damages to the enemies around her+ inflict continuous damages. When you upgrade your TSFs, I recommend you to focus on upgrading your strongest TSFs first. It's better to have one very powerful TSF than 5 powerful TSFs.
  18. Awww it seems like the game doesn't want to let me go... Until yesterday evening, I didn't get either Irisdina or Beatrix but then I got one Beatrix and two Irisdina! In total, I would have spent about 15,000 Beatrix coins and 6000 Irisdina coins. I wonder if I was lucky? Now my goal is to get those precious silver medal awakening items and then the skill level up items. It has been said already but be sure to check the mission's rewards!
  19. My bad. I wanted to post a longgg message weeks ago but I pushed it back again and again. Well, to make it short, I'm more and more giving up on the game. There are mostly four reasons: I realize I will never get my favorite characters (like another SSR Yui), they will be forever behind a pay-wall. The current balance is a vicious circle. The more you are powerful, the more you become. In MMORPG, the experience required to level up grows. Here it's also the case for the level but not for the event rewards. For the event rewards, the more powerful you are, the more rewards you get (by doing the hardest quest). Thus the gap between casual and hardcore players is widening. The idol gacha. I can't forgive that they tricked us. There is some much things I could instead of washing my time with MLSF. I'm still playing every week for the story. As for the new item, it reduces the damages taken by all of your allies, including you, to 1, one time. In other word, your squad is invincible until they are hit twice.
  20. @Reis For me tech team is my strongest (thanks to my lucky rafale). My weakest one is my blue squad (funnily it was the contrary at first) but I have enough mats to XM3 one more TSF. I might use them for the event. As for the next event this afternoon, I'm betting (again) on an event based on the main story why? because like I sad before @Zub I think you're screwed. Well, let's hate together the randomness of drop/gacha!
  21. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Don't do itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Well, too late. MOUAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAH Kneel in front of my XM3 TSF! I got it before you MOUAHAHAHHAH! ........ For information, it took me about 20 tries to get it. I was quite lucky because some Japanese players said the drop rate was about about 1.5%. It dropped from the boss. I don't think killing everything or S-ranking the quest increases the drop rate. Some time ago, I said its XM3 skill is "increase the AOE by 50%" but it's really "increase the range by 50%". ............................If I were you, I would give up and use my G-Ores to refill stamina. I still have never seen someone got her with the event gacha. ........................................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................................ I said the event would end tomorrow but I made a mistake. The event ends Wednesday.
  22. @Imabot Nope it's not just you, I also think the new quest is easier. Yes the BETAs have more health but since the boss spawns at the beginning, you have more time to kill it. My strategy is very simple : Kill small BETAs to charge Yui's skill Use Yui's skill on the boss while attack up skills are active. Be extra careful NOT to hit the big destroyer. Repeat I can even S-rank it, even without ally or item ^^. The thing is, I don't kill the other bosses so I may miss some important drops. Even if the drop rate of the XM3 TSF is low, it's probably worth it. Now XM3ing a TSF takes a lot of effort... It probably costs more than 50 gems. I think I will at least spend 25 gems doing the new quest. @Reis About the XM3 skill, if I'm not wrong, it's "increase the area of effect of normal attack by 50%" not "increase the range". So basically. this TSF has a wide long-ranged AOE basic attack on top of extremely high attack stat! It's a must have. This TSF is typically a bad TSF when used by AI but very good when used by players. If you control it manually, you can use the attack range, the cancelling animation thing and other pro-tips to increase its damage output while staying alive. Oh I didn't check the weapon of the XM3 Rafale... I will try to confirm what you saw. Thanks for the information. @shinnarika I'm sorry for you... It's now too late but... I recommend you to let it go and wait... The gacha is horrible, I HATE too but... there is not much we can do.
  23. If I were you I would wait. About the event, I got several Rafale from the small BETAs so it may be good idea to kill everything even if you miss S-rank. Tomorrow there will be an update.
  24. @shinnarika I agree with Reis. I really really recommend you NOT to spend money for the gacha. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars, you will likely not get her. Your best bet is now to wait for the next exchange ticket ( because the list of cards you can get will be updated) or to buy the bronze/ silver / gold packages because you can get Yuzuka with a SSR ticket.
  25. Oh? I don't think the damage is shared between the enemies hit. If you do 10,000 damages to one target, you will also do 10,000 damages to X targets if you hit all of them. Ohhhhhhhhh never mind. I take back what I said. It's true they released at least once several cards for the same TSF with the same color with the same weapon. Ex : SSR Machine-Gun Infinity F-22 // SR Machine-Gun Infinity F-22 Still, there are more examples than counter-examples.