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  1. I like this ! But I hate you 'cause I'm jealous. Kei is not my favorite character but let's be honest, the art is absolutely gorgeous. ........................................ @Imabot Oh I didn't know about that. .......................................... Topic updated.
  2. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier What is Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier? Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier (MLSF for short) is a browser game based on Muv Luv that be played on DMM.com. It was released in September 2016 and new content is still added every week. Unfortunately there is no new English version. In this game, you collect characters and TSFs of the Muv Luv universe, represented by cards, and you use them to fight the BETA or human forces. Besides the gameplay, there is a main story as well as dedicated stories for each SR and SSR characters. The video bellow gives a concrete overview of the gameplay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdtNVKgTYqs Is there any English translation available? Unfortunately, not really. Very few English-speaking players know this game and even less can read Japanese and are willing to translate it. So far, I’m mostly the only translator. Even so, not much is done. There is an outdated wikia that still contains very useful information about the game here : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/. By reading it, you should know enough to play the game. I’m planing to improve it but…I’m alone and I prefer to translate the main story first. Anyways, if you ask a question here, I’m sure someone will answer very quickly. What are the characters and TSFs in the game? As of January 2017, almost all of the major characters and TSFs from Muv Luv Alternative, Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse and Muv Luv Unlimted The Day After are released. What about the story? The game has a main story that you unlock part by part as you clear the main quests. In the main story, you, the player, is a high school student in Yokohama. And one day, you and your childhood friend Shirakawa Minori are pulled into Muv Luv Alternative , some days after the beginning of Muv Luv Alternative. I will let you discover the rest by yourself. Besides the main story, the event story (related to the main story), each SR and SSR has a character story. In the R18+ version of the game, that character story is a hentai scene with the character. In the all-age version of the game, it’s instead a chapter about the character. The character stories don’t have any relation with the main story. They are like omakes. Is the game fun? The game is like Kantai Collection. The graphics are 3D but limited and the quests are very shorts (3 minutes max). The game was made to be played on smartphone. If you like collection and Muv-Luv, you will surely like it. One thing that will surely bother you is that you can’t play as much as you want. There is a stamina system. When you play a quest, your stamina is used and when your stamina is completely depleted, you have to wait several hours to refill it. You can refill immediately with special items ( one of them can be bought with money). The gameplay looks promising but unfortunately the game is unbalanced. Quests are at high level too easy (especially with SSR cards). However, major changes are going to happen soon. For example, a multiplayer mode will be added. There are new events every week. Is the game free? Like many DMM games, it’s a free-to-play but pay-to-be-the-best. In this game, the most powerful characters and TSFs (rarity SSR) can mostly only be gotten through money. BUT it’s perfectly possible to clear any quest with only free characters/TSFs. Since there is no pvp, it’s not really a pay-to-win. Even without paying, it’s possible to get all the cards in the game but it’s incredibly difficult. Many cards are only available through events so it's important to play every week if you don't want to miss anything. OK it looks interesting so how do I begin? Please read the wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Registration and then http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Play You need a VPN or live in Japan to play the all-age version. You don’t need a VPN to play the R18+ version. Note that the game progress is synchronized on all versions of the game. For example, you can play the all-age version then the R18+ version and then the smartphone version. Useful links: The wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki The reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/StrikeFrontier/ The all-game version of the game : http://www.dmm.com/netgame_s/muvluvsf/ Previous thread : Some pictures of the game: Information about the current event 2017/03/22- 2017/03/30 "信念の刃/鋼鉄の翼~ 忠義と忠誠 " The Blade Of Conviction VS The Steel Wing~ Devotion and Loyalty New characters and TSFs : SSR "The Blade Of Conviction" Naoya Sagiri Skill : Temporary reduce the damage of the enemy attack skills by 50%. Can only be gotten through the event shop. SSR "The Light Of The Destiny" Koubuin Yuuhi Skill : 30% of chance of resurrecting one destroyed TSF. Can only be gotten through the gacha. SSR "Unreachable Feeling" Ayamine Kei Skill : Cancel all buffs of the enemies around you and reduce the damages done to your squad members around you by 40%. Can only be gotten through the gacha. SR Komaki Sayoko Skill : Heal 60% of the HP of your allies whose HP is less than you. SSR Type-94 Shiranui (Imperial Japanese Army Color), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When attacking normally, 30% chance of cancelling the target buff Can only be gotten through the gacha. SRType-94 Shiranui ( 1st Tactical Armor Regiment Color ), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When the enemy uses their skill, your attack is increased by +50% for 5 seconds. Can only be gotten through the gacha. Event quests: There are 5 event quests : beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme, ultimate. All enemies are speed-type so bringing technique-type is greatly recommended. The enemy is weak to sword and shield weapons. The enemies are Gekishin and Shiranui of the Imperial Army. This event is the sequel of the previous event. During the last quest, the boss will spawn after you kill a certain TSF on the top-right part of the map. The boss will always aim for the leader. After you kill the boss, you will get Gold, Silver and Bronze Emblems. You can trade them for items and SSR Sagiri Naoya. If you squad is alive at the end of the quest, the number of emblems obtained is increased by 25%. If you S-rank the quest, the number of emblems obtained is increased by 25%. Story: The chapter 16 of the main story is released. It's about the second part of the Coup d'État. There is an event chapter that you unlock by playing the event quests. It's also about the Coup d'État but from the point of view of Sagiri and Walken. Important Event missions: Clear the beginner quest 50 times > Reward : 1 R-ticket Clear the intermediate quest 50 times > Reward : 2 R-ticket Clear the advanced quest 50 times > Reward : 1 HR-ticket Clear the extreme quest 50 times > Reward : 2 HR-ticket Clear the ultimate quest 50 times > Reward : 1 SR-ticket Multiplayer: See the wikia page :http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Multiplayer Gacha: The first gacha is the half-year anniversary of the release of MLSF. For 1 G-Ore, you get a HR card or higher. The rate of SSR is multiplied by 3. The second gacha is a box-type gacha. The SSR inside are the new SSR Yuuhi, SSR Kei, SSR Shiranui, SR Shiranui and SR Sayoko. Others: Some bugs were fixed. Stamina cost of all quests divided by 4. There is a birthday daily login bonus (gives you 50 G-Ores in total).
  3. I wonder about the scenario of Walken too. I didn't got 5 copies of him so there might be a H-scene with Irma. -------------------------- I completed the page of the multiplayer. I think you already know everything but who knows? You might learn a thing. http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Multiplayer ------------------------- Speaking about the multiplayer, there are many bugs. It will be better if your internet connection is fast and if you live in Japan. With my connection, there is almost no problem for me, lucky I guess! @Imabot To unlock the next quest, you are supposed to get 5 blue passes. They are dropped by the betas. So far I got 4 passes but the last doesn't want to come it seems... @Reis Yeah. the stamina/4 event is perfect to farm logs. I think the best would be to farm the hardest event quest with as much HN characters as possible ( with my squad, I can 3 HN characters at most). --------------------------- I will update the next topic tomorrow about the current event. Let me give you some tips about the last event quest : The boss spawns once you kill a Fubuki on the middle-top right. The boss will always attack the leader. It means it's a good idea to bring a leader with a shield TSF while the rest of your squad uses high attack TSFs.
  4. I agree. ----------------------------------- I didn't manage to explain everything about the multiplayer. I will finish the rest tomorrow. For now, please read that page http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Multiplayer .
  5. The multiplayer is finally released!!! And the new event is also about the the 12-5 incident. The event SSR is SSR Sagiri. I will give move details in 2 hours. Just know that you can play the multiplayer now until 20:00 (Japan time = GMT+9) or from to 22:00 to 24:00.
  6. This time I was unlucky and the only SSR Walken I managed to get was the one you get when you clear the ultimate quest 100 times. @Imabot Yeah Iyo is not so useful when yoit squad is powerful enough / when you need to kill as many as enemies as possible. Actually I have been avoiding you lok @Reis Thanks for the information. @shinnarika One Walken is enough I think.
  7. @Zest Just like Imabot said, Beatrix should be permanently added. However, I greatly recommend you to NOT try to get her that way. Your odd is so low it might as well as be zero.
  8. Wow. You know, I used about 20 R-tickets, 15 HR-tickets and 18 SR-tickets but I have never gotten a SSR thanks to them. Anyway, Kasumi is the closest character to Inia (appearance and personality wise) so congratulation. Is she your first SSR CP? ///////////////// About the hardest quest of the event, I found out that the boss appears once you kill the group of Shiranui just before the last group of Shiranui. You can kill that group and directly kill the boss after.
  9. Amusingly, I don't have trouble surviving but I have trouble clearing the hardest quest with a semi-farming squad. I don't kill things fast enough. I think Isumi and a powerful AOE skill character is needed. Well farming HN characters should always be a side goal. ......................................................................................................... I updated the topic. I added some information about the future promotions / campaigns.
  10. @Reis and @Imabot Oh my bad. I made a mistake. I really got 100 silver battle logs + 40 gold logs. I thought I didn't get anything because I expected to get 400 silver battle logs and 160 gold battle logs. I misread the description and thought they meant one set = one SSR character limit broken 5 times... So 25 G-ores for 50 silver battle logs and 20 gold battle logs...Totally not worth it. We're way better off using G-Ore to regenerate stamina and farm HN /N characters.. Reis, I dunno about the age of Walken but I agree last event wasn't that bad. We need so much logs to limit break everything (personally I have given up trying to limit break TSF...) By the way, I love the artwork of the new SSR Tama (the sunset) and the new Shiranui TSF. So beautiful!!
  11. Damn I was wrong. No TDA, just MLA, during the coup d'état. I'm surprised that the event SSR is Walken instead of the raptor. @Imabot I really hope they will give up SSR Minori and the other MLSF original characters but that would be too good to be true... No multiplayer as expected. I bought two sets of items to limit break SSR characters but ... I didn't receive anything!!! The logs are nowhere to be seen even though 50 G-Ores have been consumed!!! Did something like this happened to you? EDIT : Never mind. I got enough materials to limit break a SSR character two times.
  12. I think it will be good too. They probably didn't add anything this week because they wanted to prepare for next week and the multiplayer. Yeah I think it will be TDA too. We already got MLTA and MLA. Now the question is : what will be the event free SSR TSF? I hope it will be either be a rafale or a raptor. EDIT: Oh!!! I didn't pay attention but today is Yui's birthday!!!
  13. I only managed to buy all of the tickets, logs, experience boosts for TSFs and one 1 SSR TSF. But if you use stamina packs and G-Ore, it's easy to buy everything indeed. By the way guys, it's way too laattee but I updated the topic, you can find the translation of the new skills if you want to know. My expectation for tomorrow are pretty low. I think it's for the best because at least I won't be disappointed.
  14. Michiru is definitely needed here. Michiru + AOE skill is the key. ................... About the SSR Shield Takemi, tshtsh, it's more useful than you think. Sure, you won't kill anything with it but you will definitively survive. It's the perfect TSF to use with HN/N characters to farm disks while farming the hardest quest. With 4 TSFs like that, you may be able to farm disks with 4 N characters by doing the hardest quest even if you don't have a cheat character like Iyo or Kirce.
  15. Disappointeddddddddddddddddd The multiplayer is (once again) delayed...They said they discovered bugs so they decided to report the release...Well at least, they gave us 5 G-Ores and an awakening set as an apology... @KJO and @Reis Unfortunately, it's not the case. It's a step-up gacha. There are 5 steps: Step 1 : spend 30 G-Ores, get 10 cards Step 2 : spend 40 G-Ores, get 10 cards Step 3 : spend 50 G-Ores, get 10 cards + 1 SR or SSR card + 1 XM3 disk Step 3 : spend 50 G-Ores, get 10 cards + 1 SR or SSR card + 2 XM3 disk. The probability to get SSR is doubled. Step 3 : spend 50 G-Ores, get 10 cards + 1 SSR card + 1 Fragment of Memory. The probability to get SSR is multiplied by 3. I think I'm going to try to get the SSR Fubuki.
  16. I think so too, but I don't think the game will become much harder, just a little. Anyways, may I remind the multiplayer should be finally released next Tuesday? I hope I will be able to play with you the evening! Right now, I'm living in Japan (GMT+9). I will be available from 18:30 to 24:00 (GMT+9). Who will be available at that time?
  17. SSR Marimo is still there. Did you miss her? SR Marimo, the one released last week, isn't though. Yes, they took out the usual rare gacha but it isn't difficult to see why. It was surely very unpopular. They were indeed very few reason to try the usual gacha. Want a specific character/TSF? Wait for a special event gacha. Want any card? Use SR/SSR tickets or use the event gacha. The thing about not including previous recently released cards in the current gacha is bad though, yes I agree. I didn't check the Japanese boards much recently but I didn't see anyone complaining about the removal of the usual gacha. One question for everyone : do you think the game is too easy or too hard? I think the difficulty is becoming about right. As of now, the hardest event quest is not too hard/not too easy for a full squadron of XM3 Event/SR TSFs and awaken SR characters.
  18. I didn't expect the tickets to be reset. My bad. Hehe you guessed right. .............................................. By the way, I think you guys probably realized, but the manuals for awakening are very cheap! And they can be bought with Gold, Silver and Bronze emblems! During the last point exchange event, one manual was 150,000 points. We should seize this opportunity. On the other hand, the other materials to awaken are unusually expensive. About Tarisa, you still need "only" 450 G-Ores. Once your open all of the panels of the first sheet, you can choose between the Tarisa, Inia or Terminator sheet.
  19. I don't think it will be the case but ...better safe than worry.
  20. Even if all of the SSR cards in the gacha are cards featuring Yui, the SSR rate is still only 1.5%. That's only 27% of chance to get her, if we spend 50 G-Ores. Considering that G-Ore are becoming increasingly more precious, and considering I already have one SSR Yui, I didn't hesitate to NOT try the gacha. Yeah it looks like you have to wait the next time...or rather the exchange ticket... I was really disappointed by the lack of Shield Type Mig-21 too. That was for me the iconic TSF of Schwarzesmarken. ....................................... @Nexiva Tomorrow, I think the XM3 items will be replaced by awakening items. That's what they mean by the deadline. The shop will still be open but the items will be different.
  21. @KJO You said the final map isn't hard at all for you but didn't you fail to S-rank it the first time, hehe? @Nexiva Well, time to XM3/awaken/raise skills of your most powerful characters and TSFs. ........................ The event was updated. Wow I didn't expect it to be updated one day after the initial release... And the additional content is ... a new SSR Yui and a new Yui's Takemi SSR TSF! Yeah! Anyways, it doesn't matter. Gacha SSR are too difficult to obtain. I already have one SSR Yui (my favorite version all the more) and several Takemi (albeit not the F version). ...................... About the lack of items that you can buy in the shop, awakening items will be added Friday.
  22. Do you even have at least one SSR Inia? I don't think so, right? Aww. Now gathering G-Ore is going to be even harder. For example, there is no longer any G-Ore reward once you clear a quest 10 times. On the other hand, the price of SSR decreased so... My highest quantity drop was for me 90 Gold Emblems (+45 because of S-rank and all squad alive bonus). Of course we can't get all of the items in the shop but there is enough time to get at least one SSR Shiranui and enough items to XM3 a TSF. By the way, topic updated.
  23. Let me explain the panel system. There are two kinds of sheet. One sheet that allows you to get the SSR SU-37UB and one sheet that allows you to get SSR Inia. Each sheet has 9 panels. The content of each panel varies. By spending 25 G-Ores, you will get 5 rare cards and you will randomlyopen a panel still closed. You will then get the reward of that panel. Once you open the 9 panels of a sheet, you will get the SSR card associated with the panel. After that, you will be asked to choose once of the two kinds of sheet. At first, the sheet is the sheet to get the SSR Su-37. Once you clear the first sheet, you can choose the sheet to get Inia. Concretely if you want Inia you need to : Spend 225 G-Ores to open all of the panels of the sheet. You will receive the Terminator. Select the Inia sheet as the new sheet. Spend 225 G-Ores to open all of the panels of this sheet and receive Inia . The good thing is that it's not random. If you have 450 G-Ores, it's guaranteed you will get SSR Inia and SSR SU-37UB. ............................... So the new event is spicy. I think it's the hardest one yet. It's about time I awaken all of my characters. Just having SSR is not enough. Yes! I still manged to S-rank the ultimate quest with all of my squad alive the first time I did it though. ................................ This time, the enemies are weak to technique type, sword and machine-gun. I will give more details tomorrow.
  24. @Imabot Already 5 SSR just by doing the quest 53 times. Wow, I think you were very lucky. About those SSR TSFs, it's almost sure they will continue offer them. It's the fourth time they do it. Some may disagree with me but I wish they would make permanently available all of the previous event exclusive characters and TSFs. Maybe obtainable by exchanging points in a new permanent shop. It's too bad for the new players not to have an opportunity to get the event cards. Yeah sure some time, the old events are back again but it's not every week and the pile of unattainable event cards is growing bigger every week. @Reis Yes...On the other hand, farming logs with HN/N characters is even more stamina-efficient, even though it's much more time-consuming.
  25. Of course I can't. At least not yet. But I said that when it's once again available, if ever, I will use for Lise or or a Rafale TSF.