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  1. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier What is Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier? Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier (MLSF for short) is a browser game based on Muv Luv that be played on DMM.com. It was released in September 2016 and new content is still added every week. Unfortunately there is no new English version. In this game, you collect characters and TSFs of the Muv Luv universe, represented by cards, and you use them to fight the BETA or human forces. Besides the gameplay, there is a main story as well as dedicated stories for each SR and SSR characters. The video bellow gives a concrete overview of the gameplay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdtNVKgTYqs Is there any English translation available? Unfortunately, not really. Very few English-speaking players know this game and even less can read Japanese and are willing to translate it. So far, I’m mostly the only translator. Even so, not much is done. There is an outdated wikia that still contains very useful information about the game here : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/. By reading it, you should know enough to play the game. I’m planing to improve it but…I’m alone and I prefer to translate the main story first. Anyways, if you ask a question here, I’m sure someone will answer very quickly. What are the characters and TSFs in the game? As of January 2017, almost all of the major characters and TSFs from Muv Luv Alternative, Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse and Muv Luv Unlimted The Day After are released. What about the story? The game has a main story that you unlock part by part as you clear the main quests. In the main story, you, the player, is a high school student in Yokohama. And one day, you and your childhood friend Shirakawa Minori are pulled into Muv Luv Alternative , some days after the beginning of Muv Luv Alternative. I will let you discover the rest by yourself. Besides the main story, the event story (related to the main story), each SR and SSR has a character story. In the R18+ version of the game, that character story is a hentai scene with the character. In the all-age version of the game, it’s instead a chapter about the character. The character stories don’t have any relation with the main story. They are like omakes. Is the game fun? The game is like Kantai Collection. The graphics are 3D but limited and the quests are very shorts (3 minutes max). The game was made to be played on smartphone. If you like collection and Muv-Luv, you will surely like it. One thing that will surely bother you is that you can’t play as much as you want. There is a stamina system. When you play a quest, your stamina is used and when your stamina is completely depleted, you have to wait several hours to refill it. You can refill immediately with special items ( one of them can be bought with money). The gameplay looks promising but unfortunately the game is unbalanced. Quests are at high level too easy (especially with SSR cards). However, major changes are going to happen soon. For example, a multiplayer mode will be added. There are new events every week. Is the game free? Like many DMM games, it’s a free-to-play but pay-to-be-the-best. In this game, the most powerful characters and TSFs (rarity SSR) can mostly only be gotten through money. BUT it’s perfectly possible to clear any quest with only free characters/TSFs. Since there is no pvp, it’s not really a pay-to-win. Even without paying, it’s possible to get all the cards in the game but it’s incredibly difficult. Many cards are only available through events so it's important to play every week if you don't want to miss anything. OK it looks interesting so how do I begin? Please read the wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/Registration and then http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Play You need a VPN or live in Japan to play the all-age version. You don’t need a VPN to play the R18+ version. Note that the game progress is synchronized on all versions of the game. For example, you can play the all-age version then the R18+ version and then the smartphone version. Useful links: The wikia : http://mla-sf.wikia.com/wiki The reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/StrikeFrontier/ The all-game version of the game : http://www.dmm.com/netgame_s/muvluvsf/ Previous thread : Some pictures of the game: Current event :
  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Don't do itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Well, too late. MOUAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAH Kneel in front of my XM3 TSF! I got it before you MOUAHAHAHHAH! ........ For information, it took me about 20 tries to get it. I was quite lucky because some Japanese players said the drop rate was about about 1.5%. It dropped from the boss. I don't think killing everything or S-ranking the quest increases the drop rate. Some time ago, I said its XM3 skill is "increase the AOE by 50%" but it's really "increase the range by 50%". ............................If I were you, I would give up and use my G-Ores to refill stamina. I still have never seen someone got her with the event gacha. ........................................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................................ I said the event would end tomorrow but I made a mistake. The event ends Wednesday.
  3. @Imabot Nope it's not just you, I also think the new quest is easier. Yes the BETAs have more health but since the boss spawns at the beginning, you have more time to kill it. My strategy is very simple : Kill small BETAs to charge Yui's skill Use Yui's skill on the boss while attack up skills are active. Be extra careful NOT to hit the big destroyer. Repeat I can even S-rank it, even without ally or item ^^. The thing is, I don't kill the other bosses so I may miss some important drops. Even if the drop rate of the XM3 TSF is low, it's probably worth it. Now XM3ing a TSF takes a lot of effort... It probably costs more than 50 gems. I think I will at least spend 25 gems doing the new quest. @Reis About the XM3 skill, if I'm not wrong, it's "increase the area of effect of normal attack by 50%" not "increase the range". So basically. this TSF has a wide long-ranged AOE basic attack on top of extremely high attack stat! It's a must have. This TSF is typically a bad TSF when used by AI but very good when used by players. If you control it manually, you can use the attack range, the cancelling animation thing and other pro-tips to increase its damage output while staying alive. Oh I didn't check the weapon of the XM3 Rafale... I will try to confirm what you saw. Thanks for the information. @shinnarika I'm sorry for you... It's now too late but... I recommend you to let it go and wait... The gacha is horrible, I HATE too but... there is not much we can do.
  4. If I were you I would wait. About the event, I got several Rafale from the small BETAs so it may be good idea to kill everything even if you miss S-rank. Tomorrow there will be an update.
  5. @shinnarika I agree with Reis. I really really recommend you NOT to spend money for the gacha. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars, you will likely not get her. Your best bet is now to wait for the next exchange ticket ( because the list of cards you can get will be updated) or to buy the bronze/ silver / gold packages because you can get Yuzuka with a SSR ticket.
  6. Oh? I don't think the damage is shared between the enemies hit. If you do 10,000 damages to one target, you will also do 10,000 damages to X targets if you hit all of them. Ohhhhhhhhh never mind. I take back what I said. It's true they released at least once several cards for the same TSF with the same color with the same weapon. Ex : SSR Machine-Gun Infinity F-22 // SR Machine-Gun Infinity F-22 Still, there are more examples than counter-examples.
  7. I would be very surprised if a non-gacha sword Typhoon comes out. Until now, they never released two cards of one TSF with the same weapon. There will surely be an event Typhoon but its weapon should be a machine-gun, rifle, shield or missile. Imo, my favorite weapon is actually the machine-gun. For me it's the most powerful/useful. The dps is slightly lower than with a sword but the ability to hit several targets more than make up for it. Generally, machine-gun TSFs have a higher attack than sword TSFs so the dps of machine-gun TSFs is actually as good or better. ...... Is it me or the gun of the new rafale is not what it should be? The gun is the same as the gun of the MiG-27 yet it should be different. ...... Just so you know, you can now LB awakened/XM3 characters/TSFs with the same characters/TSFs no matter it is XM3ed/awakened or not.
  8. I see. What are you going to do with the other Rafale? Are you going to try to do a full squadron? Yeah the destroyer in the 40 stamina quest is nerve-wracking. Once it starts to charge, it doesn't stop until either it or you are dead.
  9. Nice squad. It looks a bit like mine. I'm surprised you didn't completely LB the MiG-27 and the Takemi. I thought you always try to get 5 copies of every event SSR. I personally prefer to kill the destroyer boss. My method is to use Irisdina + Yui. As soon as Irisdina's skill is active, I one-shot the destroyer with Yui's skill. Unfortunately, I cannot one-shot the destroyer boss in the inferno quest... I hate them so much. It really looks like the rafale drop is high, even in the 30 stamina quests. I got 2 Rafale today thanks to the 30 stamina quest. I think I will already have 5 Rfale before I have enough points to buy it in the shop ^^. I'm glad the 30 stamina quest is already good enough. ....... By the way, I'm the only one who has hundreds of purple EXP boosts? What I'm going to do with them...I think I have more than enough to level all of my characters! Ahhh, far away is the time my goal was to level up or even get SR chara/TSF... Now my goal is not even to get SSR but to get XM3/Awaken SSR. I already have almost all of the gacha SRs oO.
  10. They will surely update the cards you can get with the exchange ticket when they sell a new exchange ticket. So like I said, probably when the iOs/android version starts. If you rolls 5*11 times, you should get for sure 1 SSR. As the rate for Yuzuka is multiplied, you have a good chance to get her that way BUT you should check and gather data before you spend anything more. Count the number of SRs and SSRs gotten by the other players and do some statistics.
  11. I don't have emergency stock, I used all of them (including the ones from the story, character scenarios etc...) for the idol gacha. But I now have 32 gems thanks to the new quests, scenarios and other stuffs. This time though, using them to get XM3/Awakening items is the priority. I'm not going to save them for months just to be utterly disappointed again. ....................................................... About the event quests... Easier than last week for sure. But they are still difficult. I cannot clear the hardest quest without item or without a very powerful ally. Ahhh, long gone is the time when I could S-rank everything without looking at my screen. The game has become more and more pay to win it seems... I really need to XM3 and awaken more TSFs/characters. I especially need one XM3 SSR strong Speed and Power TSF. I should also max skill and awaken Anett. I have got to make my squad stronger fast or I will be more and more behind. It's too sad my SSR Yui is no longer enough Q_Q... By the way, **** destroyer class as usual. ....................................................... @Nexiva Wow you got lucky. I already got one Rafale ( and 5 F-16) but I did the hardest quest 4 times already. Can you show the squad you are using to clear the hardest quest? ....................................................... I don't know if you noticed but there is a new story chapter and the fourth and fith parts are about the XM3 trial. And the "incident". But the story stops just before things get interesting. I think we will know what happens next week. ....................................................... Don't forget the event ends next Tuesday 13:00. This time it's shorter, that's also why the shop doesn't have as much content. @shinnarika I don't know if you saw it but you can get Yuzuka with SR/SSR tickets. In case you don't get her this week, you can still get her later. Additionally, the android/iOS version will soon start (we don't know the precise date). It's not 100% sure but I think it's quite likely that an exchange ticket will be available at that time.
  12. @shinnarika Your glory hour has arrived! TDA event : Event drops/prizes : SSR Rafale (Yes!), SR F-16 Event Gacha : SSR Yuzuka, SR Ellen. I hope you will manage to get Yuzuka.
  13. Let me guess... the next event will be Idol event Part 2 ! It will be Yui, Inia and Meiya! After that it will be Idol Event Part 3! It will Minori and co! Or not. Maybe. But I think my guess is pretty good isn't it? If the next event really has Idol Yui then I will be sad because my precious gems that I accumulated for months are still missing... @KJO Actually the content of the recent events are pretty big compared to the beginning. The problem last week was that 80% of the content was only accessible to the most experienced players.
  14. I think they didn't like the message in English. Thanks for you compliment, but I cannot say whether my message will have any impact. I fear it will no change anything. Soooooo are you not happy with Haruko? Some time ago, you were looking for SR Haruko (then you even got SSR Haruko). If you get more Haruko, you can do a Haruko clone army! Oh well, your wallet is 50 gems lighter. I'm wondering, do you still have hope for SSR Inia? Or did you already accept that you would probably never get her? No, they only deleted the last post. The last post was the translation of this part + the English message : So they didn't like either the thing about suing or the English message. I'm betting on the English message because they didn't let delete another player's comment that talked about reporting the gacha fraud to the Consumer Affairs Agency. I'm considering about posting again the last part of the message but ... I decided not to do it. If I do it again, there is a risk I would get banned. At least dozens of people saw my message and at least two people talked about suing the devs so my original goal is achieved. I can't PM other people without being their friends so PMing people is unfortunately not really possible. Maybe. But at the very least, I don't think suing the devs is too harsh at all. First, I'm sure there is bug. Second, I'm sure the devs know it. I hardly see how it's possible NOT to notice it, especially as a developer. Everyday since the beginning of the event, several times per day, people brought this issue. And yet still nothing is done. Worse, the community manager even said there was no bug with the gacha! Third, I'm beginning to even think this bug was intentional and that they did that on purpose so as to entice the players to spend money. However I have no proof about that. Fourth, whether 3) is true. It's a fact that they are ignoring the current issue. It's also a fact that there are some players who spent more than $600 on the gacha!!! That's a very serious issue which should be punished by the law. ..................... About the new event quest, an even harder quest, I recommend people to give it a try. It's barely harder than the second 40 stamina quest yet the rewards are much greater. In particular, the SSR TSF drop rate looks like much much higher. I got 3 SSR Fubuki by clearing Mikoto's quest 9 times.
  15. Nooooooooooooooo don't do it, don't do it, don't do it again, it's a trap! Your ultimate goal is to get SSR Inia right? Then you should wait for a special Inia gacha! Now your odd are very low. It's something like1.5%/10 = 0.15%.. Don't make the same mistake I did. ------------ So about the message I posted in the Japanese doll MLSF community... Well I got more attention than expected! My main post got 23 likes, the most I have seen recently in the dmm MLSF community. Also, someone said he will report the gacha fraud to the Consummer Affairs Agency. He also encouraged the others to do the same. My message was too long so it was separated into 5 parts. A the end of the 5th part, I attached a picture of the English original message ( that I posted here). And for some reason it was deleted. It seems like I was censored grrrrr. This part was also the part where I asked the players to sue the developers. ------- Well I think it's pretty much everything I could do. The only thing I could do more would be to report myself the gacha fraud to the Consummer Agency but... that would be too difficult for me. I suppose I will wait and see.
  16. I already posted here the message in English. It was in SPOILER so maybe some people missed it. As a reminder, it was : ..... I already translated the message in Japanese as best as I could and posted it on the DMM MLSF community with my main account. Let's see if something will happen...
  17. Like it was said, it looks like they are starting the per-registration for the android/ios all-age version. It doesn't change anything for us. As a side note, I have gathered enough proofs to demonstrate it's way more than 99. 999 999 999 881% sure that the gacha is bugged. I want to show it to the Japanese players and to convince them to sue the developers. The problem now is how to write the message in Japanese...could anyone help me? For information, here is the message I'm trying to translate :
  18. 4 very strong members is better than 5 strong members. It's better to use 4 XM3 SSR TSFs than 5 SSR TSFs. Using only four TSFs is how I managed to S-rank the purgatory quest. Thank you for giving me one more proof that the idol rate is not as advertised. You rolled 600 gems so you got 2 SSRs. So you got 600/50*11 = 30*11 = 132 cards. Out of these 132 cards, you got 2 SSRs. So the SSR rate (normal + idol) was in your case, 1.51%. Oh! It's almost the same as the usual SSR rate! It's as if they "forgot" to multiply the rate by 3,4,5 and so on! Anyways, my case and your case aside, you can easily see something is wrong just by looking at the gacha result. Once again, you should see in average one SSR for every two SRs (at least) yet it's not nearly the case. ....... And the developers even dared to say today there wasn't any bug with the 11-pull gacha. I'm seriously becoming mad now but what can I do? ........ You're not the only one. There was this bug some hours ago but now it should be fixed.
  19. Aww I'm sorry for you. Did you manage to play multiplayer? If yes, the best thing you could do might be to try to XM3/awaken cards for the future events. Yes the quests are too hard and basically only the strongest players can get the fancy TSFs ( that are very funny in my opinion)... I really hope for compensation but for now, I'm not even sure they would recognize the bug. They could say the players who got nothing were just unlucky... If they ignore it, I'm seriously going to begin a petition. My personal sitrep : as I can clear reliably (even though I actually must use most of the times some items) the purgatory quest, I have about 450 Cryska points, 70 Yifei points, 200 Mikoto points, 1 Cryska TSF, 1 Yifei TSF. I realized I could significantly improve my squad performance by doing hit-and-run with my rafale. The enemy TSFs will aim at me, miss me and thus my team doesn't take damage. At the same time, when you move, you cancel the attack delay. So If you attack, move, attack, your dps increases. The effect is most important in the case of missile TSFs. Wow but I don't think the same will happen for MLSF yet. We don't have enough proof. Humm. But if the devs don't do anything by the end of the week, I will try to do something. I think it means the canon place in the event story but I'm not sure. It's not really important.
  20. The developers themselves didn't say anything but the amount of evidences is overwhelming : The probability that I still get no idol SSR when I spend 500 gems is 0.00007%. It should happen in average one time out of 1.3 MILLION times. The same thing happened to several players. They complained about it on the jp dmm community http://www.dmm.co.jp/netgame/community/-/topic/detail/=/tid=42102/ There are not even 1,000,000 players... When you look at the player results at the right part of the gacha screen, you can see much much more SRs then SSRs. Yet, even during the first step, the idol rate is about half the SR rate. You should see one idol SSR for every 2 SR. Is that case? Of course no. Of course, it's still possible that the whole world was extraordinary unlucky but such probability is smaller than 0,000 001%. I'm not exaggerating. On the other hand, the probability that the devs messed up is much much muchhhhhhh bigger. The idol rate is probably 1.5%, the same as the idol rate for 5 gem gacha. ........................................................................................................... I really really hope they will refund AT LEAST half of the gems I spent...But I fear they would just give 50 gems or even do as if there were no bug... ............................................................................................................ About the event, I can actually S-rank without items the purgatory quest with this squad : Of course, I know most players can't do the same. I can do it because I was very very lucky to get SSRs and especially the rafale. ............................................................................................ For the 4 coma translation, I can do the translation but I don't want to edit the picture. If someone can do it for me then we could translate the 4 comas.
  21. BREAKING NEWS According to the Japanese community, the idol gacha is bugged. The idol rate do NOT increase the more you pull ! I'm not the only one who spent hundreds of gacha for nothing. For now, do not spend gem for the idol gacha.
  22. Even if idol Yui appears (likely), with 50 gems, my odd are about 20% maybe? On the other hand, I have more than 94% of getting the other idols. Something is better than nothing. .......... About the event story : In the chapter 3, the girls of Yokohama base are interviewed to become the representatives of Yokohama Base in the idol competition. The girls that are shown to be interviewed are : Meiya. She failed the interview because even though she's beautiful, she's too rigid/ military-like/noble to be an idol. Mana Tsukuyomi. We don't see what happens but it's obvious. Tama : She was extremely flustered and very cute...So much that Minori couldn't control herself. Minori asked Yuuko not to let Tama become an idol because that would be too dangerous. Kei : Failed because of (I need to read it again) Mikoto : She passed. In the chapter 4, the same thing happens to the girls of Yukon base. Fikatsia Latrova : ... (need to read it again) Yui : Passed (maybe) because her father was one of the examiners and he argued that her military-noble-like behavior was the charm of the Japan or something. Cryska: Passed. Yifei : Passed even though she declared she will marry Yuuya if she wins the election. Inia was not mentioned I think. So based on 4coma and the event story, we can expect to see in two weeks Monday Idol Yui and idol Inia. Maybe idol Meiya too. ........................ By the way, here is the quick translation of the latest 4coma. As usual, I do not guarantee there isn't any mistake. Rather the contrary.
  23. I know I shouldn't have spent all of my gems but the probability to get at least one idol increased (a lot) each time I failed. The more I failed, the more I couldn't give up because it would have made my previous effort worthless. Yes, yes it was a trap for sure but even so... You know, when I say unlucky, I mean I was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy unlucky. The probability to get not even a single idol SSR after spending 450 gems is : (1-0.015*3)**11 *(1-0.015*4)**11 *(1-0.015*5)**11 *(1-0.015*6)**11 *(1-0.015*7)**11 *(1-0.015*8)**11 *(1-0.015*9)**11 *(1-0.015*10)**11 *(1-0.015*12)**11 = 0.0012%. 99.874% of people would have gotten more or 1 idol SSR. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ......................................................................................................................................................................... I gonna try one last time (I swear!). By farming R and HR characters, I would have just enough gems to try one more time. This time, the probability to get at least idol SSR by rolling 11 times would be 94% If I fail once again... I wouldn't really care. ......................................................................................................................................................................... I agree that this game is too terrible for new players. Not only it's almost impossible to get the current event cards but it's also impossible to get the previous cards. They will feel like it's hopeless and that they will forever stay behind.
  24. I have very bad news, well for me. I cracked and used all of my G-Ores (450) on the gacha. Guess how many SSR I got ? 0 At the end the idol SSR rate was 20%. I was extremely unlucky. I even thought of deleting my account. But fortunately or not, I changed my mind and decided to continue playing. No matter what, I still want to read the story.
  25. I totally didn't expect this. Well I knew there would be idols but only with Minori and co. The gacha was too tempting this time. I couldn't resist....But I only spent 50 G-ores (and didn't get a single SSR) so not much was lost. I will try to keep my G-ores for idol Yui or idol Minori now. Let me give you some information about the event : There are three idols : Cryska, Yifei and Mikoto. You can get the idols only by gacha. Each idol has a special fan SSR TSF that you can get as drop OR by getting 1000 ballots. Each idol has their own quests. By clearing the idol quests, you will get the respective ballot. By getting enough ballots for an idol, you can claim several rewards that you can see in the mission tab. The best reward is the idol TSF which costs 1000 ballots. If you have the idol corresponding to the idol quest in your squad, the drop rate and number of ballots are increased. About the gacha : The rate is really good : The first time you spend 50 G-ores, you get at least 3 SR and the idol rate is 4.5% ( 3 times the usual SSR rate) The second time, you get at least 2 SR and the idol rate 1.5*4 = 6% The third time, the idol rate is 1.5*5=7.5% and so on. The 10th time, the idol rate is 22.5% (!). Bellow is the reason why I think there will be idol versions of Minori and Yui later: I have a question for you : if you unlocked and read all of the event chapters, can you tell me if there are other idols beside Cryska, Yifei and Mikoto? That would tell us what would be the next gacha next week.