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  1. 弱点属性 means type weakness. In this case, it means you are recommended to use Speed type TSFs and characters. 弱点武器 means weapon weakness. In this case, it means you are recommended to use TSFs with rifle and shield. The message on the right says: S-rank > +25% more medals All squad alive > +25% medals. I really want to get Minori's TSF but I don't think I have enough time this week...
  2. Awww, you're one year too late... I lost all motivation to translate MLSF, hell I almost don't play it anymore. Sorry...
  3. From 10/27 to 10/31, there will be some special limited Halloween quests. By clearing the quests you will get Halloween tickets. Having Halloween characters add a bonus but it is not written what exactly they do (probably increase the drop rate) You can use the tickets for a slot machine or something like that. You can get items and even maybe a SSR exchange ticket. The SSR you can get with the ticket are old SSRs.
  4. Welcome to the most annoying enemy in MLSF! THE DESTROYER CLASS! I hate these things more than anything. The best way to clear the mission is to have a character with an AOE powerful enough to one-shot the destroyers. Then you should keep and use the character's AOE skill every time you see a destroyer. You should focus fire on each destroyer one by one. Like you painfully experienced, they're the most dangerous pest. Pro-tip: destroyers charge only after they lost about half of their hp so it's best to one-shot them before they charge you. But yes, MLSF is a vicious circle for beginners... Her ability is: Inflict continuous damages to all enemies in a very large area. Her skills sounds good against TSFs but looks ironically terrible against BETA. Why? Because all of the destroyers will ram you to death. I don't remember the old stats so I can't tell. Also, RIP Nexiva. Try not to suffer too much. @Reis Yes I like this event too! Gacha locked Yui is a minus BUT there is one U.N coin SSR Yui and the XFJ-01a Shiranui-2 Phase 3 ! I really want to get it. If I were you, I wouldn't sell any card if you only have one copy. You would need to sell 30-50 SSR to get one U.N character. Isn't it such a waste? I think the best way to farm U.N coins is spamming the friend gacha and then selling R, HR and SR. Farming the quests might be better if the SSR drop rates aren't too low. I will quickly explain the skills of each U.N coin characters: SSR Maya: Ally defense + 50%, -30% received damages from enemies whose type is advantageous (for you). SSR Sandek; 500% damages to enemies in the weapon's area of effect, additionally 20% chance of slowing/freezing them. SR Tonya: For 10 seconds, increase her speed by 30% and her weapon's rate of fire by 30% SSR Sumika: Heal 30% of each squad member's HP. Increase their attack by 50%. SSR Irisidina: Increase the defense of allies by 50%. -50% received damages from enemies whose type is advantageous. SSR Beatrix: Increase her attack by 50%, +50% damages to enemies whose type is advantageous SSR Yui: Single target skill: inflict damages equal to 25% of the current HP of the target. SSR ForgotTheName: 300% damages to all enemies around her. If her TSF's type is technique, the area of effect is increased. SSR Katia: Increase the skill gauge of all allies (except her) by 40%.
  5. @Marcus As far as I know, the strongest single target skill belongs to one event SSR Yuzuka. 1400% damage and -50% defense debuff...I think. @Nexiva It probably has something to do with your connection. I think if it's too slow/unstable, the timeout error appears.
  6. I don't care about the current event but I sure care about the next! According to the current pictures in the game, the following will explain what will happen: The next event will be a Halloween themed even. There will new objects in the U.N coin shop. There will be new SSR Characters. There will be previous time-limited SSR Characters. They will be updated and buffed. The characters will probably be SSR Hina Yui, SSR Wedding Katia and SSR Valentine Beatrix. Those characters will be available from 10/10 to 10/30. The current and future gacha cards give 10 times the amount of U.N coins.
  7. Ah I got it! Nexiva calls YF-23 "niggamilf" because YF-23 is also named Black Window. I didn't know about Berkut though. Interesting. .......................... About Kasumi's skill, as with any Command Post character, they have one active skill and one passive skill. The active skill is used in solo while the passive skill is used in multiplayer (that no one plays it anymore). The active skill of Kasumi is : Heal 200% of all allies'HP over 10 seconds while increasing their defense by 30%. The passive skill is: If there are 2 healers in the squad (including Kasumi), the attack of the squad is increased by 20%. .......................... I'm sure there is another kind of BETA after the trebuchets that give real good rewards but like you I cannot reach that phase. About HR tickets, well, mine are accumulating. I'm too lazy to open them than sell my HR...
  8. Well, the first waves are easy but I can at most kill the first two waves of Trebuchet. After that I'm either out of time or dead (if I trade healers for attackers). Did anyone manage to see what is after the trebuchets? Maybe the laser things? @Nexiva By the way, why do call the YF-23 "Golden eagle" and SU-47 "Niggamilf"? I don't get the references.
  9. I'm sure the 4 gen TSFs will come later but like Reis said, I don't think we will get any future character because they will have to be accompanied by scenario. Anyway, the 4th+ gen TSFs will most likely be gacha- exclusive for a while. I didn't manage to watch the live stream but for 4gamer typed an article about it: http://www.4gamer.net/games/032/G003242/20170924052/ . Basically, there is nothing new. I will sum up the important points of the article: No new game or anime has been announced but they said we can expect 'something'. 1500 people answered the poll and half of them were foreigners. In addition, it is written that one of their goals is to promote ML oversea. So we can definitely expect more future Muv-Luv related things to be in English. Kouki Yoshimune said he has an interest in school-related story like ML or Kimi ga nozomu eien so the setting of the next ML might be an university, school, like TSF school? If they do an anime adaptation, they want to do it well. No half-baked product. So probably high-quality 24 episode-anime. Even though age will become one part of avex, fan shouldn't worry about it. The future of ML and spirit will continue.
  10. @shinnarika I think that the XM3 and awakening set were directly transformed into enough material to awaken one SSR character and one SSR TSF. Check if your XM3/awakening items increased. By the way, I also got 2 YF-23 in one game hehe. It seems I will LB everything this week ~~. It has been a while since I did something like this. I gave up 90% MLSF last month but the greatness of the recent events convinced me to pick it up again. I can't wait for the continuation of the main story.
  11. The girl you are talking about is SSR Summer Lise. She was one of the event cards one month ago or so. I didn't get her though (I regret a bit).
  12. I don't have any SSR character with AOE dmg + aoe heal. So I put Beatrix. This is the best I can do for you I think.
  13. Lucky for you, you can have now the free anniversary SSR. The best support SSR in the game by far. Her skill is 50% +100% SPD, ATT, DEF buff oO. My ID is 26092595. I already added you.
  14. Sorry for the one-week delay. Here is my explanation: The first picture shows the result of a poll. The question was probably who is your favorite MLTDA character. The characters are: Yuzuka Ellen Shizuku Sayoko Komaki Marimo Kusumoto Lilia Kjellber Ogami Ritsuko Other The second picture is about the most popular SM characters: Katia Irisdina Lise Grendel Anett Sylwia Kirke Beatrix Other The third picture is about the most popular characters whose birthday is in November: Sayoko Komaki Munakata Misae              Beatrix Gate Guards Bernadette Le Tigre De La Rivière Amemiya Mariko (雨宮 鞠子) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ By the way, did anyone see the skill of the new gacha SSR Meiya?! It's 2000% damage to all enemies in front of her! The visual effect is like the XG-70 beam!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And just, WOOWWWW the new 8gen TSF! I expected to see post-Ouka TSFs but to think we would see the first 8th gen TSF! As expected it's totally overpowered. But damn, almost impossible to get. Well that's ok. I'm already more than happy that I can get the YF-23.
  15. I would love it but I wouldn't be so sure about that. The current comic should be linked to the current event. But as the current event is only about TSFs, they might have chosen a chapter unrelated to the event. So the current chapter might not be related to the next event. On the other hand, it's a fact that Sumika, Yui, Iris and Yuzuka are shown in the special anniversary daily login bonus. It's also a fact that they're some of the most popular girls. It would thus be quite unbelievable there would not be an event about them so... For information, the chapter is about love (I need to read it again).