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  1. Potential change of address

    Ah yes! I found a link to the backerkit survey buried in my e-mail and then updated the address. Thanks for reminding me oobie10 ! I was really worried there for a minute.
  2. Potential change of address

    Hello there just had a question concerning the eventual shipment of physical rewards (july or september as announcements/information states). I will be changing residence possibly by end of July. Are we going to receive an e-mail notification to provide addresses for the physical rewards to be sent to or do I have to change some info in Kickstarter? I have not signed up for early gift bags, so I have no idea how the physical reward shipments are going to work. I read around the forum stating that they will be gathered in the US and then shipped, but not how addresses will be determined. I can't recall if I have already provided an address to the team, and if so I am not sure where I should change that information or if I should just wait for an e-mail notification during the release period. Thanks for your time and hope to enjoy this series. - digineko_dan