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  1. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    As a huge Muv-Luv fan, please please please add back the original Engrish audio. It is honestly one of the best parts of Alternative alone and I'm afraid the new voices may ruin the moment a bit in my eyes. I want to recommend this to friends but until I get to the new audio and determine for myself if it's as good, I don't know if I can. Either way it's finally here! I'm glad it is and thank you all for your dedicated and hard work!
  2. Steam Achievement

    Weirdly the Marimo ending doesn't have a piece on the endings list or an achievement
  3. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Just finished all the routes in Extra and gotta say, I loved all of it! I had a ton of fun and the translation was great! I truly appreciate you guys having brought this game to the West officially and really look forward to playing Unlimited andAlternative!
  4. It would be cool if we could start seeing more nukigestranslated and put on a centralizedplatform like this tbh
  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I see. Thank you for clearing that up!
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I don't know if it's a bug or not but is this what Meiya is supposed to say? Feel free to delete this reply if this is as intended.
  7. Last I checked, isn't Alternative Projects working with the Muv-Luv Team? Eh, even if it was adapted well I still think it would be cool to see the VN, however I can see why if no one wants to finish it for that reason.
  8. The translation was reported as being at 25% on 8/18/15.Is there any chance we'll see it completed and released? I'mvery interested in seeing TE fully translated tbh.
  9. 18+ Patch

    Eh I don't likethe mosaics, however theydon't bother me, but having it uncensored would just be a big plus if doable. And thanks!
  10. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Was about to say something about how the game looks like it runs at a low resolution but it seems like the ball is already rolling. I do understand using the highest res assets availible would cause a considerable amount of bloat but imo the games runs at too low of a res compared to the quality of the assets. I think 900p-1080p would be a better res to run at if doable, because honestly, on my monitor the original DVD fan translation doesn't look a ton different from the Steam release in terms of res. (Just fyi I have a 1920x1080p monitor.)
  11. 18+ Patch

    Yeah that's what I meant, sorry for being too nonspecific I suppose.
  12. 18+ Patch

    I know that, that's why I'm asking would it be possible if our 18+ patch is uncensored as it's intended for use outside of Japan.
  13. 18+ Patch

    Don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but is there any chance the 18+ patch would be uncensored? I mean I know some devs keep around uncensored masters of ero CGsas it's not illegal to and MangaGamer releases their games uncensored.
  14. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Might be a bit nitpicky but I much prefer to have the original openingrather than the PS3 one at the beginning. Thanks again for the port however!
  15. Original openings

    That's what I mean, I'd much prefer the originals at the start rather than the PS3 one. Thanks again for this port however!