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  1. Colored Thunderbolt - What is a Bolo?

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Colored Thunderbolt - What is a Bolo?

    Ah I am new to Muv Luv so don't know what you mean by that. I have only watched Total Eclipse and Schwaresmarken. I haven't played any of the games. So I don't know about the kickstarter.
  3. Colored Thunderbolt - What is a Bolo?

    I was looking for a similar style image as to the one I put up. Sort of like this Hornet.
  4. Colored Thunderbolt - What is a Bolo?

    So two questions, anyone have a thunderbolt colored in anything besides white? I have one that I will post but it is all white and would prefer something with more color. Also, I have heard people talk about Bolos but don't know what that means. These are just two random questions I thought to put here. Thanks for your help.
  5. I made a Tabletop Game, Anyone Want to Play?

    It is very simple, more so because it just started. I have played a few sessions. One based off Total Eclipse with a mixed test flight and a US Carrier Flight during the Japanese Invasion. It used to be quite more complex if you look back at earlier editions but it slowed play and people didn't quite get it. Whether that was my writingor them not understanding. I couldn't say.
  6. So I was inspired by Total Eclipse to make a tabletop game for the muv-luv series. I tried to stay pretty true to the source material but I did expand on some things and added some here or took away some there. I am really interested in getting as many players as possible to try out the game and give me a feel on how they think it plays. If you are interested please let me know! I will include a link to the website I use to host the rule set and what not. In the "Where to Play" page is a link to the host website and that is where we play. Time is very flexible currently so getting people together to make some play sessions should not be difficult whatsoever. Link to site