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  2. okay got nice piece of information from all of u guys regarding this event's shenanigans, thankful for that sitrep able to reach 3000 golds again, yet no takeru, who cares lol, already got him, each run if i found myself with a friend who got boost, 130-150 golds, pretty neat. also, my current g ores, 2, will see how much it will raise with all those SRs i got and also, 85 HR tickets sitrep raises ores from 2 to 80 from all HR i got damn i love this event
  3. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    not boosting for future events. its more of a cleaning out inventory tactic so that they can get people to spend their gems earn from this event.
  4. @haloff1as usual, it never shook me on how you are able to read the namek runes perfectly, thus, helping out this forum, hats off, so, current status now, i put 2 rinkas, one still lv70 no LB, and the other LB until 2 times, no resources left sadly. should i combine them into a single rinka, or just let it like that? and is they will be able to boost the drop for incoming events or no? since i dont plan to have two same characters on my list and btw, so far, with a help of boost from friend, i could gather at least 100 golds in a single 40 roll, d a m n
  5. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    yep the rate at 3% is still really bad. cost me 2 rainbow packs to get 1 chara
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS thanks to the new update and you guys, I managed to farm 900 gold and I got Takeru!!!! He's just level 70 and his skill is still level 1 but he's already my strongest character! So overpowered!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! @Reis I think the SSR rate is 3% as written. It means the Inia rate is 1%. I wouldn't recommend you to try to get it, especially because you already have Minori but ... it's your choice. @Nexiva The bonus is capped at +600%. One character limit broken 4 times = +300%. So yes. two Christmas characters are better than one.
  7. my friends now 80/6 tho, try it again so, should i LB her?
  8. @NexivaI've tried to add you a few times back then when you rarely popped up in my list but I guess your request list is full & won't let me or something? Still getting that error(?) when I try. Also, I'm guessing that how LB the character is again boost it extra like the Valkyrie girls'casesince I've been getting a whole lot more drops just from Minori alone. (last mission got me 165 golds, 200+ silvers, etc.) Hah, this possibly is shaping out to be one of the best event yet rewards wise. Seriously, newbies who can get the proper boosting friends/supports can farm the easier missions well enough, get those silvermedals kids!Now if I can only get SSR Inia...
  9. yes, i just check it via the team change and WOOOHHHHHH BRB CHANGE LEADER My id is Nexiva / 19620378 now imma check if if i put both rinkas on the team, would it add more drop HOLYSHIT 2 rinkas, 1 more rinkas from friend yields crates blue/silver/gold 13/16/10 MAAAAAAANNNNNNN meanwhile just one, yields 8/7/2 ok imma put those two
  10. All chrismass girls do. Including your Rinka.
  11. brb add, approve me or riot just added you, btw minori boost drop rate?
  12. Nice, congrats on the lucky rolls...ah, so jelly. I'm gonna try later too, wish meluck guys. Oh, & here's my ID again to those I haven't added yet.ts nice that I can field Xmas Minori again,enjoy the extra drop rate Boost~: IGN: Rue / ID: 27125787
  13. Oh come on. I used 100 and didn't get any SSR. I'll be farming some gems maybe try one more time and give up. BTW. I don't know If you guys noticed but Chrimsas Swimsuits also increase Drop rate of boxes.
  14. Got exact 50 gems, tfw why not What the helk with this result lmao
  15. Got Inia with the first try. If anyone want her bonus add me, my id 17277524
  16. Well...Xmas bikini still fits summer...I guess? Good thing I already have Xmas Minori for her boost then. Ah, Xmas Inia...we meet again. Character only gacha w/ 3%SSR rate gives me a slight hope. No increase rate per try or anything though? Soanyone tried the slots yet? Does it seem or feel like they've "tweaked" it "against" us or anything?
  17. lol summer and winter comes together, gg also, they lately brought some existing cards back, starting from sr isumi back then prepare for another sr hospital later
  18. Me too. Kinda tempted to try roll for some of them. Rinka and Minori are really cute in this. BTW. I don't see any difference in roll rates.
  19. That isn't the kind of bikini i was expecting in summer.
  20. Maintenance now Lets see what the dev got for us soon
  21. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    1200 gold... still no shirogane ssr 30 hr ticket.... no ssr
  22. Last week
  23. Ah the old times, when i could farm ores using n characters lol. Yet dont know about and keep selling them without realize you could farm them over and over again. Late to realize lol. And yes i did got SSR from hr ticket Another speed machinegun berkut. Dude, got 3 of them wtf give me typhoon Still 48 ores now, must get 50 before tomorrow
  24. Finally got my own as well: My guess is that aside from the new gacha, they'll "fix" (as in lower) the SR girlsrates at most...maybe. I guess I better stop saving medals for now & use itall up before the update then. Reminds me of the timewhen lacking foresight in the game's early life, they allowed even N rarity characters lv.5/500% affection to give g-ore rewards. Thus farming for the low tier pilots began & they"fixed" it as quickly as possible. Where the JP players too happy & "noisy" about the farming this time as well that they realized they goofed a bit quickly again? Better be quiet & let them forget about their little special 'glitch' then. Also, wow...someone hasn't aged much: Maybe genetic modifications & such for survival became normal in the future too.
  25. God bless thisevent, i got SSR Latrova with a HR ticket.
  26. Thanks. But damn, no cooldown? In that case he's the most powerful attacker! Even stronger than Lise! ..... I should really get him buttttttt I don't have time to farm...
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