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  2. I spent 150 g-ores and still no Yui, I hope they had her in the normal gatcha.
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  4. Thanks for this. Kinda made my day.
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  6. Apparently I haven't posted this here before? Back in 2014, when Frozen was (perhaps unnecessarily) super popular and shortly after I had finished the trilogy, Sasha/Sachibelle and I collaborated to make Do You Wanna Fight The BETA?, a parody of Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? I've also made two other Muv-Luv videos purely by myself, and both of them are pretty satirical, almost intentionally cringeworthy. This one (Spoilers only for Extra), is especially satirical, given that I don't like Sumika or Taylor Swift 8D And this one (spoilers for Alternative) is, I suppose, more focused on gallows humor. Neither one of those last two are particularly great, definitely not my best work, but all three of these were really fun to make. I hope you enjoy them c:
  7. @ImabotAh, Its like looking at myself a few events ago, too painfully familiar. I feel for you man. ============ I guess this is how they'll do most of the new event stuff now? No more event quests but some of the 'prizes' are readily available in the event shop? In a way they aremore 'obtainable' to players more extra R-HR-SR tickets is a sad loss for all. Why can't we combine all the good stuffs game devs? Event quests & limited shop availability! Maybe the chest drops have "reasonable" drop ratesagain compared to the last one, never did get any free SR girls despite getting enough points to actually buy out all the battle logs & much more (kinda' annoyed I have to use them already LB'ing them fully). Sofar I've somehow managed to get 1 of each of theTSF drops. Hahaha, those poses &positioning together are funny, its like he jokingly photobombedher photoshoot or something. ============ The smaller Destroyers retain their ramming ability so that can be a pain again especially in the 30-40ap missions. SSR Kirke & her skill is once again queen support as she's a better choice than SSR Iyo since you need the enemies actively coming at you to clear them faster.
  8. @haloff1 Thanks. Well after venting it out I'm ok now. Well I have accept how things are and just go with it. I hope there will be next time were I can try to get her. Just like usual. I have to be patient and wait for another occasion. I believe that having only week long limited characters will be rotated and returning from time to time. Some maybe even put in normal gatcha. Maybe I'll have my chance at 1st year anniversary of this game launch? Who knows. For now I'll do what I can do.
  9. Event with young Yui, YES! Just wasted 100 G-Ores and got nothing.
  10. And the new event is... MLTE, again. I didn't expect this. The SSR event TSF is a red Takemi... Maybe the next event Takemi will be the gold one. @Imabot I feel your frustration. Young Yui was the character you wanted the most and you probably thought you would wait forever but... here she is and you used up your gems last event... Well at least, you know what to use the next exchange ticket for ^^ @Nexiva Uh? Why would I spend my precious G-Ores for such a low gain/high risk? My favorite version of Yui is with long hair in her fortified suit. The next time I spend G-Ores, it would be for : -A new version of Yui (maybe) -Idol Minori As of now, I have 341 G-Ores. What about you?
  11. Kuh-bwahahaha~ Aaah, SSR Young Yui...she really did eventually appear. Certain people would really be happy with this. Is she in a new normal gacha or another "gimmick/special" one? @shinnarikaIts good news for you tooseeing how this latest one only adds more hope in that possibility. Your patience will eventually bring fruit when "she" arrives. @ImabotOh? they're regulars now? that's kinda' good news I guess. At least they're not "probably gone forever" exclusives. I can only salute the game devs ability to surprise us. Can't help but wonder again what their plans on those long gone but highly sought after "exclusives".
  12. Ssr Harutopkeks already in regular gacha, doesnt matter, still got her first handed 👌 Also, burn your money @haloff1 👌👌👌👌👌
  13. Young Yui is in the gatcha. Just when I have spend all of my gems on SF heroines and didn't get a single one of them....the fucking next event give Young Yui that is also something I really really want. Fuck my life. Edit. Oh great. and SSR Minori, SSR Akaru and Sr Misaki were put into normal gatcha. This is sweet feeling when you know I can alway have a chance to get them now is crushed by bitters ness I wasted HUNDREDS OF GEMS I COULD USE TO GET YOUNG YUI!
  14. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I have a feeling this will be tda.... Im Just hope if she will come out... i can get her without have to pay
  15. 18+ Patch

    What do you mean? How do you know that ayamine scene is the all-ages replacement scene?
  16. Rule number 1, you cannot predict the developer's plan. Seems the developer is somehow following Cookie's way to not giving any spoilers or flags in what they made, just like Cookie's VNs this whole time since early 2000 Hopefully it's euro front tho, or an obtainable hospital chara
  17. I'm also leaning toward TDA. @shinnarika I hope that your waifu will not be behind pay wall if our predictions come true. Anyway. Back to farming G elements for months until another SF heroines even or otjer release happens. Sillently I hope that soon they release one or two exchange tickets that will let us obtain many characters that were only on limited release durring events.
  18. Ja, back to saving G-ores for me for months again. Waiting for the lowered AP again to plow through the story quests for efficiency. ============ What's to come huh...not having a set pattern really makes it hard to guess accurately. It has been a while since their last TDA stuff...or maybe they'll surprise us with more side stuff from Chronicles. Aside from the Typhoon that came out of nowhere back then, they've been pretty much ignoring Eurofront in almost all sides...unless they've got big long term plans like with what they did with Schwarz or the like. ============ Buying out most of the essentials from the event shop has been quite if they'd only add XM3& awakening stuff again.
  19. Thanks everyone I'm thinking of buying every gold disks but there is not much time left. @Reis Well, the next time C-squad appears, it will either be their idol version or their regular eishi fortified suit. If you like the cadet fortified suit the most, it might be good idea to try it but... if I were you, I would save again for Inia. After all you already have a very very very useful Minori, even if it's SR. On the other hand, your current SR Inia is not as useful. So replacing your SR Inia seems like the priority. As for me, my next goal is idol Minori. I would like another SSR Yui but ... my current SSR Yui is my favorite version, even if it's not the most useful. ............... Tomorrow, the maintenance will end at 16:00 (JST) instead of 15:00. I'm betting on TDA. Who is with me?!
  20. Ja, I've seen y'er Yui & teh Rafale. They did good work 'fer me. Congrats~ Now paint it gold so it becomes the Rafale Yui Custom. Got enough for another gacha try & I'm super tempted & really, really want to have a go for SSR Minori. Not the smartest thing seeing my streak lately but she & inia are the only girls that I've really been & saving & wanting the most...them getting gachas back to back has been quite the conundrum for me. Only a day & a little more time left before the event ends once again & still no gold chests drops. At the very least, we're getting a nice amount of EXP along with the points farming.
  21. Well Itried to roll this event girls. And as you might guess. No such luck. Not even SR Misaki. Oh well. Im a litte disapointed but Ill not dwell on I have reason toward I'll farm gems. Maybe next time SF girls show up I'll have more luck.
  22. Nice one mate Tfw now im on chill mode since i got pretty much the important stuffs on the exchange, notably the girls and sr tickets along with the power ups Cant wait the next event
  23. What I can say. Congratulations. And I'm happy for you. And congratulations on getting Rinka drop. In this event Gold chest could be Rainbow ones they are almost impossible to get. Even on Inferno. Never got even one.
  24. Whaaaaaaaa !!! I got my SSR ticket thanks to the bronze course and you know what? I got the Rafale!!!! It was the TSF I wanted the most!!!! So happy. I immediately XM3ed and LBed it and thanks to it, I can now perfectly clear the inferno quest. I also got one Rinka drop ^^
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  26. It a small thing but quite so. Its a custom Eagle even so I double approve (even if its color theme isn't my cup of tea). Its also nice to see confirmation that the ticket gacha's being updated properly every time. I'm guessing it would like the other SSR OG girls like Iyo where she & her custom unit is added to the gacha as normal eventually. Though its a shame that the event shop is not updated w/ additional mats or anything at all.
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