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  2. Pues si traducen Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles 03 y 04 ya podré morir en paz. Necesito saber que pasa con Takeru
  3. taken from twitter not sure if that means they bugged the drop rate too high or too low but if its the former might want to spam before they do their so called fix .
  4. Eh. If one wants to spend money, the paid daily bonuses are much more advantageous. You can get the first three for less than 15 bucks, and you get lots of crystals, stamina potions like it's raining, 1 HR ticket 1 SR ticket and THREE SSR tickets in 30 days.
  5. Newest update with gacha And as usual Dmm points only
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  7. Hello, I'm currently playing Muv Luv and really enjoing it so i wanted to buy Muv Luv Alternative as well but I have some questions regarding the steam version that i can't seem to find an answer to anywhere, was hoping here maybe someone could be of help. The things that i would like to ask are the following: 1) I know that the game got censured regarding the H content for steam policies and whatnot and that is okay, what i don't understand is (without getting spoilers if possible) if anything else got censured, to be more specific, if any gore/violent scenes got any censor at alland i don't mean only the speach/ text but the images/ CGs themselves (like blurring, cropped black lines or whatver type of censor exists)since i heard really god things about the game and would like to get as close as possible to the experience that most people got out of it palying the fan translated version. 2) Would also like to know if there are any "enchantments" to the steam version since i can't really find anytghin about this either. Thank you in advance and sorry if this has been asked anywhere else but i couldn't find anything, been 2 days straight that i've been searching for info about this trying to not get spoiled on anything about the tory per se and sorry if this is also the wrong section to ask about this stuff, new to the forum so not sure.
  8. Welcome back. And to anwser your question. No nothing about TDA in recent months. Oh Look devs annouced a mid event update...they add new gatcha. I bet it will be a rate up behind paywall. EDIT: Sitrep I forgot that XM3 disks also drops form this event. So now I used them on all of my remaining SSR TSF that weren't benefiting from this upgrade. And I still have 24 of these left. I have MLB Shiranui with 5 more extras( they get sold) and i still need one more drop of F-15E to MLB it. I bought all Type-00A's MLB and XM3 them to get max possible drop bonus.
  9. pre registered using email account tho, i think they would be more into money stuff in play store ver, due to the easy access of PS. multiplayer? heck, who the fuck cares about that when they put event one after another without any rest, even idolmaster is giving several days for you to rest after an event to play the other song or just to have fun, this one? event event event
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I registered my email for it I believe, also connected to their line and followed them on Twitter. Not sure how they will identify us. As @Abriaelmentioned, I also used the same email as my dmm account.
  11. @EdelweissI'm happy with keeping two, I have a tendency to keep an extra ortwoof the ones I like anyway. I actually have 3 of the SSR A-10s (though only one is XM3+LB'ed for now) & will also probably keep at least 3 (if not a full squad) of the Orbital Diver Eagles as well. Have around 6kUN coins saved up for the possibility of somethingnifty coming up someday. @AbriaelFor some reason, the put it close to the bottom of the the Event shop's list so just browse all the way through (You'll notice a buyable XM3'd F-14ex too). Hmm, I actually can't remember If I've already registered or tried to regarding the coming IOS Android version.
  12. Last week
  13. Did anyone manage to actually register for the google play version? When I try to register, it only asks between iOS and Android. Which is the same option it gave ages ago, I imagine. It actually accepted the mail I used for my DMM account, but It's hard to say if I'm registered for the right thing. I'd hate to miss on the registration rewards. Ok. I am now confused. Is there a way to actually buy the Type-00A? Because if there is, I can't find it.
  14. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    So, yet another Haruko card I will never get nor her scenes. Which are the only thing I care about and were the only reason why I played this game. I need her scenes and by god I would be so grateful to anyone who could send me her lewd scenes's CGs ;__; (For the newest SR and SSR)
  15. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    helo... long time didnt active in here because of some irl shit... and i also miss some events... btw i see on twitter people talking about TDA in muvluv sf.... any TDA related stuff lately? scenario or something?
  16. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The multi was so badly bugged that it wasn't really interesting to do. Besides, anyone with some good TSF can easily solo the mission. You should stock up on it since it is a great upgrade VS all the earlier power rifle types.
  17. Multiplayer? I haven't even tried it ever againsince it came out & was still faulty/glitchy. So basically:tried once >failed to get in/play properly > never tried it again. And with the amount of needed mats farmed from the events, probably never will. Was never much of aPvP would probably more interesting if there were exclusive TSFs or pilots only obtainable through PvP. Sitrep: Bought all three ofthe Type-00A's (maxed it & left one as an extra boost) & have managed to get a copyof both the Shiranui & Eagle. Really loving the artworks of all the latest TSFs, though the F-15 Eagle looks odd whenalone w/o the background depicting its descent. Haruko customShiranui's background setting is the same as the last Marimo SSR where it depicts where they died so that kinda' gives mixed feelings as well. Still trying the harvest gachaevery now & then, onlygotten one SSR ticket so far & its a Tech type (all the contents of which I already have). @Universal98Some of the event scenarios are indeed non-canonjust-for-fun sidestories like the Modeling & Idol ones.Some are of course part of the SF timeline like how C-squad's been time-leaping across the other MLverse & changing fates. Of course some are actual expansions of the original ML main story like the past history of Haruka & Mitsuki.
  18. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Nobody ever joins the multiplayer ones when I create a match. Maybe we should set up a time and do one together.
  19. Oh devs tweeted that Google, Play IStore version of the game have over 70 000 preregistered users. Quite a number. I tried to pre register but it looks like it will not accept you if you already have e-mail registered on DMM account. Maybe it counts you as one already? That makes me wonder when this game will come out. And if this will change anything with how Devs are sucking all the money out of everyone. Oh and on matters I almost forgot that are a thing. Have any of played Multiplayer lately? I din't for like months now.
  20. some shitrep This event i think pretty much was good, bought and maxed out the white takerumikazuchi is highly welcomed, and with my kasumi cp, got both boosts needed, not bad. for the drops, i dont know if this thing tries to cheer me up after flunked 250 gems for nonexistant haruko, i got haruko shiranui roughly 12 units with one from store, while only one strike eagle drop so far. other items drops also well received, i already XM3ed almost all of my 63 TSF units so far (only 5 guard types left which i was unable due to low silver guard mats). not bad actually, but still, its sucks for not getting haruko UN coins now at 2288, if i could get 2500 from this event i'll buy that tsukuyomi, or maybe saved it up like hell until at least 5800 by the end of the year to anticipate for other new SSR, maybe haruko will be there, who knows. hopefully i'll get that new haruko soon after she's available in regular gacha, i only have 38 gems so far, ungrindable
  21. maybe if your strong enough to kill them in one hit I adamantly despise rifles like why do they even have the effect bonus dmg to structures when none of the events ever have us destroy building's it useless. Since most of the enemies I fight seem to just mob up and surround me its better to use splash dmg, missiles being the best. Its like pretty much everyone except lise or some helper with 40k+attack power does chip dmg with basic attacks and it ends up just being the skills firing that actually kill the mobs these 30-40 stamina missions recently have all trebs and lasers and the delay from firing guns gets my ppl wiped from the lasers or giant fart explosions from the trebs because their too busy aiming/ juggling their useless rifle to run. probably part of the reason I haven't completed these last few events
  22. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Yeah, easy enough for one support to carry through the 15 stamina mission. Though for the 20, the support Takeru etc gets killed off and then my roster isn't strong enough to hold out for themselves. The event story was much longer than expected, perhaps it is canon.
  23. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    This event seems so much easier than last few events With Takeru or a pair of nice rifle unit + straight shot skill pilot, put it on auto and you can ace the mission without any trouble. Wish they would do a skill up drop event aside from this over the weekend
  24. Nobody's. It's just standard SSR version of it. Only custom TSF is that Shiranui drooping from rainbow chest that belongs to Haruko. If you put a technique or power Haruko into it it will switch it type to one of its pilot. For everyone else it will always be a power type. And Yes, that Takemikazuchi is giving a drop boost but it's not unit benefiting from that attribute change. Thank god that at least this is Type-00A it is technique so it will not be getting extra damage from this event enemies.
  25. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The event scenarios may not be canon. For example, Schwarzesmarken characters showing up at Yokohama base, especially Irisdina, who should've died. It's possible that Tsukiji Tae could've still died, since she didn't show up in the main story. It's going to be interesting to see how C-squad does Ouka, and whether those deaths would still happen. Considering the Alternative storyline, it would be quite difficult to avoid the deaths of the rest of the Valkyries.
  26. holy shit i just realized that the white takemikazuchi is a boost mech, so, whose unit is it?
  27. @ImabotThat tip will be put to use since the Type-00A's in the Event shop is actually an event Boost unit & its a Tech type. Its actually kinda' nice how afully XM3'd SR Power type F-14ex's actually buyable in the event shop to possibly help out those who needs it. Its also kinda nice how, though expensive, Boost units arebuyable in the shop itself. Its one of those things I said, they actually do some rather nice of thoughtful stuff but the positive is oftentimes eventually of immediately balanced out or overshadowedcuz' of their negatives. Oh, so the Event scenario's sorta' the prologue to Operation Ouka (only seen 2 chapters)?Wait, is Tsukiji Tae ( and some ofthe lesser known Valkyries) dead here as well? The wiki says she dies in the XM3 trials, so I guess even here C-squad wasn't able to save her from that fate along with certain people. Though I guess it is normal to have some named casualties (w/ more to come seeing how its almost time for the Operation).
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