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  2. It's not a bug, it's a feature. When someone doesn't log for 30 days, the next time they play the game again, theywill receive a special login bonus whose final reward is a SSR ticket This login bonus is called "come back login bonus", the developers implemented it to pull back the players who left.
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  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    gonna check my other account lately the event is getting harder.... i cant place yuzuka as my leader anymore :'(
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  6. Today i met something strange: i log-in on my sub acc and i have there new log-in rewards board (last reward is SSR ticket), and gatcha with 2500 DMM for 11 cards (1SSR in them), but on my main i dont have this. is this normal or its some bug which onyly i have?
  7. I don't have to do much really. I play SFin my smartphone, set a team, start mission and let game go on Auto. Rince and repeat untill all affection is filled up and change characters andwhole cycle start again. I'm doing other things while farming. Read a book, playing on console or checking my computer. I just have spare few seconds every couple minnutes to touch screen few times. I have no idea. I have Auto turned on all the time don'tpay much attention to what is happening. Only glance to chrck if mission is finished. And if you guys are wondering. Yes thet is how i play this game 95% of the time. SF if just very easy for me. Most of the time only challenge I have is selectgood team that can S rank mission on Auto.
  8. I don't have her but according to the description, the targets hit by her skill will suffer continuous damage as if they were poisoned/burned. Holy Yui, that's amazing! Yes the current event is 4 times better then the other events for farming logs but still, doing the same mission again and again takes time and most importantly, it's so boring. Are you playing another game while farming logs?
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  10. Wow. In the last 3 days I farmed more silver logs than in the last two months. I can do a 6 stamina mission with N characters without any of them dying and S rank it. I collected so many Logs and get enough events points to buy Gold Logs so I managed to max LB most of my SSR characters. At this rate I'll do the same with all of my SSR rank TSF before next event.
  11. With the SSR ticket, for normal gatcha i mean the one without time limit. She get some kind of long range skill, but i don't get how the debuff work.
  12. You got x2 Beatrix's from normal gatcha... howw..?? @haloff1;D
  13. How work SSR Beatrix skill that they added in the normal Gatcha? Got two of them.
  14. 18+ Patch

    Are you sure? I'm running the director's cut, and I definitely got that scene (looking through my screenshots on OneDrive, it looks like I screenshotted the very next line after that)
  15. 18+ Patch

    How come I don't see this scene in her route in Extra Director's Cut Patch? Is Degica/ixtl "trolling" me? I think I wasted $34.99 on something that misses ALL the scenes from the original 2003 version.
  16. @haloff1Thanks again for the translations~ Mm, seeing all those skill effects, I'm reminded that its the MAX level status & the early levels are worse. Can be useful especially against TSF bosses w/ AOE specials...but I guess its useless against enemy BETA who only brute forces through everything. Kinda' want to get one of him for collection purposes but he's too expensive though. Seriously, there's a ton ofever necessary Gold & Silver battle logs just waiting to be bought. =================== SSR "The Light Of The Destiny" Koubuin Yuuhi Skill : 30% of chance of resurrecting one destroyed TSF. *whistles* An actual resurrection spell? Interesting. The usual long charge time & low rate is kinda' understandable I guess.... =================== SRType-94 Shiranui ( 1st Tactical Armor Regiment Color ), Technique-type, Sword XM3 skill : When the enemy uses their skill, your attack is increased by +50% for 5 seconds. Eh, 50% is a big boost to attack but it's too short. Must have been meant to boost your counter...if you lived getting hit with the usually strong skill attack.
  17. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Is there any chance of the other OPs being added to the theater menu (divergence and first pain for Extra)? Also, I don't understand the reasoning behind using the old Unlimited video with -Sion-, when it came with a perfectly good looking OP movie in the original release it came from. Same for Alternative. In another thread it was mentioned that Asu e no Houkou will be used as the game opening animation, and 0-GRAVITY as the mid-series Unit-00 introduction. Will Asu e no Houkou be receiving an animation cut-paste from Name~Kimi no na wa~ or METAMORPHOSE if neither of those will be included? The old animation movie is pretty dated.
  18. I like this ! But I hate you 'cause I'm jealous. Kei is not my favorite character but let's be honest, the art is absolutely gorgeous. ........................................ @Imabot Oh I didn't know about that. .......................................... Topic updated.
  19. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    50 times run... only get 950 gold points.... damn... 4000 is just too much for one ssr
  20. @KJOSweet, congrats! *high fives* very lucky too seeing your G-ore amount Now comes the problem of SSRs being very mats hungry.
  21. Haven't been playing for a while but they the nee Ayamine and I had to have my go forher. Well... First roll Boom!
  22. Well, I somehow did manage to LB the event SSR Walken, maybe I'll post few screenies later when I've unlocked all of them for us to see what's up. ================= Also kinda' nice to get a lot ofextra Friend points w/ everyone playing more because of how AP cheapquests are. Using them all up can be a bit of a chore when spaces are getting limited though. I wish they'd implement something that can make good use of all thisextras someday. ================= Jumping aroundthe 7 & 6 ap missions for farming. Man, Silver medals are hard to get being the middle 2k+ golds & 4k+ bronze compared to onlyaround 1k+silvers. It also seems that despite out enemies are TSFs, none of them can evade at all compared to the past events where half the time, our attacks & even single hit special skillsmiss. ================= Finally goingthrough more of the story missions. A lot of the Rank rewards really ain't worth getting (a bronze rank item for an S-rank? bleh). Most of the time, finishing it for the obligatory G-ore is good enough alright.Thinking about it, its another one in the list of things they don't plan to "fix" or update any time soon because hey, PvP!. Oops, it broke.
  23. Besides Walken is married and have a kid. He dosen't look like a guy who would cheat his wife.
  24. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    i dont think there will be any h scene in male character scenario
  25. I wonder about the scenario of Walken too. I didn't got 5 copies of him so there might be a H-scene with Irma. -------------------------- I completed the page of the multiplayer. I think you already know everything but who knows? You might learn a thing. ------------------------- Speaking about the multiplayer, there are many bugs. It will be better if your internet connection is fast and if you live in Japan. With my connection, there is almost no problem for me, lucky I guess! @Imabot To unlock the next quest, you are supposed to get 5 blue passes. They are dropped by the betas. So far I got 4 passes but the last doesn't want to come it seems... @Reis Yeah. the stamina/4 event is perfect to farm logs. I think the best would be to farm the hardest event quest with as much HN characters as possible ( with my squad, I can 3 HN characters at most). --------------------------- I will update the next topic tomorrow about the current event. Let me give you some tips about the last event quest : The boss spawns once you kill a Fubuki on the middle-top right. The boss will always attack the leader. It means it's a good idea to bring a leader with a shield TSF while the rest of your squad uses high attack TSFs.
  26. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    im just curious about his scenario.... if his scenario about he and ayamina.... then im not going to spend another time for sagiri.... but if his scenario is about 12/5...... i think im gonna open all his scenario... and make sure wardog squadron didnt involved in the coup(you know maybe the scenario will be mixed again between timeline)
  27. All the lowered stamina cost is pretty nifty, raising affection for mats & playing through the main story quests has gotten more effecient too. Playing the hardest daily quest cheaply for its 1000 EXP can also be nice especially of you time it right on your Rank up to continuesly play some more. I don't know what hs skill is but 'Not-Even-Waifu' SSR Sagiri is definitely not worth the expensive price. I'd rather use it to buy out the contents of event shop more. ==================== Tried the multiplayer a few times. Got bugged out everytime. Welp, I tried...I'm done.
  28. Oh it is bugged. But I can deal with disconection errors. Somethies it works sometimes it dosen't. However my problem is that numberIt was locked 3 before I even did a single mission. And I made room few times since. It didn't rise a single digit. I hopee It will move evetually or it will reset once I start pkaying mutli but nothing happened. Deleting game and instaling it again or login in the browser instead phone didn't help either.I guess I can do is towait and hope it will be fixed one day.
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