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  2. Oh shit they have a BETA Laser in their head.
  3. Found some good scans of exogularity-01 & there was actually a few StrikeFrontier stuff there too: To those who can read 'em, any new or interesting info about the characters? Alsoseems to have 2 extra details/story regarding two of the originals too. There's also some storyboards abouta TSF fighting one-on-one against a BETA-TSF Hybrid. It really does seemto be quite a fierce opponent. Really wonder what was planned about that.
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  5. Ah I got it! Nexiva calls YF-23 "niggamilf" because YF-23 is also named Black Window. I didn't know about Berkut though. Interesting. .......................... About Kasumi's skill, as with any Command Post character, they have one active skill and one passive skill. The active skill is used in solo while the passive skill is used in multiplayer (that no one plays it anymore). The active skill of Kasumi is : Heal 200% of all allies'HP over 10 seconds while increasing their defense by 30%. The passive skill is: If there are 2 healers in the squad (including Kasumi), the attack of the squad is increased by 20%. .......................... I'm sure there is another kind of BETA after the trebuchets that give real good rewards but like you I cannot reach that phase. About HR tickets, well, mine are accumulating. I'm too lazy to open them than sell my HR...
  6. Supposedly Berkut in russian means Golden Eagle but I'm weirded by that "niggamilf" as wellbut I just assumed it was a odd inside joke of his of sorts. Her main skills is 10-second HP regen +DEF buff. It goes something like "If there are two or more characters with recovery skills including her I think, all ATKIncrease by 20%". Somore healers means extra buff I guess? =============================================== Interesting boss rush mode,different attributes makes it easier for those with good teams in particular types. So far I'm able to get as far as wave 2 of the Trebuchet types as well. Its not pretty being stuck in the middle of them when everyone's doing those debuffing AoE sludge attacks. The HR tickets are nice and all but I'm pretty miffed that gold chests can end up containingplain old bronze medals.
  7. someone know for sure do I need to bring hp recovery type units to activate the bonus 20% attack on this girl? or will any type of recovery like for example skill gauge recovery or the girl that recovers poison and slow status work?
  8. Well, the first waves are easy but I can at most kill the first two waves of Trebuchet. After that I'm either out of time or dead (if I trade healers for attackers). Did anyone manage to see what is after the trebuchets? Maybe the laser things? @Nexiva By the way, why do call the YF-23 "Golden eagle" and SU-47 "Niggamilf"? I don't get the references.
  9. seems they nerfed this boss rush event I remember the last boss rush I couldn't kill much but still got skill ups on the first run now I can make it all the way to the trebuchets but get nothing but trash for it. Looks like I'm better off spamming the first event and exchanging the points for skill ups.
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    maybe when yuzuka and hibiki still in academy?
  11. I'm sure the 4 gen TSFs will come later but like Reis said, I don't think we will get any future character because they will have to be accompanied by scenario. Anyway, the 4th+ gen TSFs will most likely be gacha- exclusive for a while. I didn't manage to watch the live stream but for 4gamer typed an article about it: . Basically, there is nothing new. I will sum up the important points of the article: No new game or anime has been announced but they said we can expect 'something'. 1500 people answered the poll and half of them were foreigners. In addition, it is written that one of their goals is to promote ML oversea. So we can definitely expect more future Muv-Luv related things to be in English. Kouki Yoshimune said he has an interest in school-related story like ML or Kimi ga nozomu eien so the setting of the next ML might be an university, school, like TSF school? If they do an anime adaptation, they want to do it well. No half-baked product. So probably high-quality 24 episode-anime. Even though age will become one part of avex, fan shouldn't worry about it. The future of ML and spirit will continue.
  12. Sitrep update they added some kind of "Boss Rush" event stamina 20 bosses: 45 separated into 3 sections for P-S-T respectively, with each sections consisted of forts, hammerheads and trebuchets event type is kill them all until the time is up prize pretty amusing, XM3 disc, awakening bluey thing, skill 100% up upon checking, first try, you could get HR ticket as well from silver crate
  13. good move Age and stuff, information for new game, anime adaptation, and so on including the next SF event, they said tfw livestream only explains why schwarzesmarken name was used probably Typhon or Fenrir would come, and i just have 54 gems now, if Typhon comes out, i'm dead meat this mid event soon is giving me goosebumps
  14. @striker2521There's still thislast week of the Anniversary event, though if they don't have a particular mid-week update then its not likely & the Ishkur's the last new thing. Not impossible if they want to lure & wring out more money from the players. Even if I want it myself, It's even more unlikey for exogularity Inia & Kasumi since a pilot/character would also require their own character scenarios (both AllAges & R18) written for them each. I'd like to be proven wrong though. Sitrep: Finally fully LB'd the YF-23 while I got a few moreextras for my LB'd & recently XM3'edsilver Berkut (it bugs me a bit howits stats is actually slightly inferior to the past event blue Su-37).
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  16. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    i know im posting twice in a row and i apologize,but i just had a thought about the next event If this one gave us the F-47 im wondering if the next one would give us the XF-2000A Typhon, ME101P Fenrir, the new looking Kasumi and new looking Inia as gacha/ event rewards? as it seems everything in this event was in theexogularity 01 book that just came out a little while ago so im wondering if they'll take more stuff from it?
  17. sitrep pretty much LB'ed the niggamilf and golden eagle from the drops only, with twice LB'ed niggamilf the drops this time was pretty generous for me, compared to my shit before, which is only 2 typhoon from drop wtf dude. ssr ticket bought, got dupe raptor, damn
  18. The Susano-O while piloted by the 00 Unit is ostensibly "unmanned," though technically the "AI" is a digitized human mind.
  19. T-those dastards...they're making it even harder for me to choose! On one hand, it makes me feel like I wasted my earlier votes (which could have gone to the A-10's and/orTyphoons) when the F-15 Eagles here is the weapon type that I actually like more.On another they again stashed all the ones I adore in one place & asks me to choose only one among them. Its making me slightly paranoid & giving me weird ideas like we might not just getone special anniversary TSF or something (most likely just wishful thinking on my part I know). Basically the ones I like in this second list are the F-14AN3 Mindseeker, F-15 Eagle, MiG-29 (prefer the white one though) & of course the Y-23.
  20. And I've come to the conclusion that it's a toss-up for the best girl - Tsukuyomi Mana or Kouzuki Yuuko. Also, while reading Alternative I realized I had heard Suzumiya Akane's voice somewhere before. It's Matsushima Michiru from the Grisaia games (I'm sure I'm late to the party on that one). It was her "flustered" lines that gave it away for me - pretty adorable. I saw a bunch of "man, causality conductor explanationwas wrapped up too fast" comments around - but the foreshadowing was there for freakin' ever and I'm amazed that so many people apparently didn't catch on. I do kind of agree that the final chapter feels a bit too quick, though. Something else - I get that some scenes are meant to have moreimpact and so the pacing seems like it should be controlled by the writer... but, damn it, I read hella fast and when you make me sit through twenty minutes of exposition it kind of pisses me off. Not to mention that I'm not sure where I have to pick up for the unlocks so I'm thinking I'm going to have to sit through those scenes four more times....
  21. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Lol there is no guarantee the final step is one guaranteed SSR from six Not bad progress wise im earning between 20 - 40k per run.already got the Widow maxed and need 2 more su for that one to be maxed already got the SSR ticket, and im up to 700 000 total earned Yamashiros just killing every thing
  22. wow maybe this girl equiped with that machine is more OP then Lise giant fucking laser deletes everything on the screen it cleared the 40 stamina map and got me a machine. if there was anyway to guarantee getting them without whaling 300 bucks I might considering buying it. anyone happen to know the duration and attack modifier of Lise's berserk? I'm curious exactly how much it compares to this current gacha girl/machine.
  23. @shinnarika I think that the XM3 and awakening set were directly transformed into enough material to awaken one SSR character and one SSR TSF. Check if your XM3/awakening items increased. By the way, I also got 2 YF-23 in one game hehe. It seems I will LB everything this week ~~. It has been a while since I did something like this. I gave up 90% MLSF last month but the greatness of the recent events convinced me to pick it up again. I can't wait for the continuation of the main story.
  24. yes shes the other one I was talking about heals 20% of the dmg she does with aoe
  25. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Another good 360 degree pilot i found is Kazusa Yamashiro shes the one im currently using and im blazing through the event.
  26. try limit breaking with materials I'm guessing there's either an option there to not use the mats and use the item you have instead or it just wont take the mats and will automatically use the ticket. Would you mindgoing to this pageand either typingmy id # in to add meor givingme yours?
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