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  2. Someone translated it: >Time of Blessing >Katia: Weddings are great aren't they~ >Anett: Right~ >Katia: Calling everyone and spreading the joy... >Well-wishing citizens >Anett: Well that's a different kind of happiness... >Anett: What kind wedding do you want, CO? >Iris: For me- >Iris: >Iris: Let's stop, >Iris: I can only see Beatrix barging in >Beat: I won't let you be happy >Katia: Since no one could love her, right...
  3. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    SSR Bea in Wedding Dress = Overkill for me....
  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    And me spending all my crystal in that gacha.... No ssr, only sr that i already have Need crystal but got no more new sr, and diskfor hr and r chara
  5. And gatcha have only Character with all TSF removed.
  6. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The gacha have a 6% rate on SSR and Katia has a rate up.... so yea
  7. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    It wasnt my roll. And it isnt the only one either, a lot of people are getting those stupid high Katia drop rates.
  8. Last week
  9. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    yeah karma is a bitch i think he's not gonna get any ssr for a month
  10. @Kashiwagi*slow clap* I always appreciate posts where players beats the odds & get to give RNG the metaphorical middle finger. Just watch out for traffic or something since karma has got to balance that out...maybe.
  11. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Holy shit I just waste all my crystal.... Its shit
  12. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    If you guys can, better take advantage of this. They broke the drop rate of Katia.
  13. *whistles*June Bride Katia in the new gacha is pretty cute, not to mention that she gives a boost to both coin types (its nice that people are whaling for her since I've used several proper supports). @NexivaYou should at least still try for the new Iris, she's just to good a support unit to pass up(I'm sure you have other characters that can do just as well as the new Beatrixafter all). @Kashiwagi70k? That's a lot...I also believe its just the whimsical RNG as usual. Thankfully, with this I'm sorta' half done w/ the event I guess. New Iris is definitely a good candidate for Awakening since she does 2 jobs in one (kinda needs it too since both her ATK & DEF is in the low side). Now to try & get as much copies as possible in the remaining days to LB & level their skills more naturally, my skill-upitems are dwindling way too fast w/ all the failures. I want to stick to just 30ap but the event quest prizes are too good to pass up since I was forced to ignore themats from the past event shops (40ap is still pretty taxing though).
  14. That just seems more of an RNG issue rather than an actual claim. Considering you did roll one SSR on your first try.
  15. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I got Beatrix in my first 500 roll. Since then I have farmed 70k of Iris's and haven't even seen the 3 parts of her you need to win her in the slots.
  16. Director's Cut patch

    That worked, thanks for the help.
  17. @KashiwagiMm, that sounds too much like malicious competence of sorts in their part so I don't believe it.
  18. @NexivaI think I went through 20k+ for Beatrix. Currently working for Irisdina now. @KashiwagiOh shootreally? Has this been confirmed?
  19. Director's Cut patch

    @sathzur: Do you have all the parts or just one? If you have them all, try another zip program, as some don't like spanned archived. The latest version of 7zip has been reported as working back then.
  20. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Pick your first choice wisely, because apparently after you get your first SSR of either of them, the chances of getting another one, even of the other girl, drops significantly
  21. sitrep after some intensive shit meaning 15k of irisdina medal 15k of beatrix medal result n o n e okay, my luck is officially shit at this event, and i think i'll resign from this event, thankfully they are not haruko (even though they do looks tempting and limited) sigh this slot thingy saps my luck, i never won any single slot in my entire life either. thankfully macross game beta test is out, so i guess i can cheer myself DAMN YOU SLOT
  22. This event last until 6/30 (days longer than usual). Gonna' be busyfor a month to even log-in a bit huh? Going for a trip myself next week so I might just miss the last few days of the event (I hope I get lucky enough until then). Ah, this slot machine thing really needsexcessive luck again (getting enough drops as well as matching he reels), interesting but troublesome. Mid-event update is only a new gacha it seems. Soeither more Schwarz TSFs or characters (more drop boost?)
  23. When I download the Director's Cut zip file from BackerKit, when I try to open it it says the archive is damaged or broken. I'v tried re-downloading it but still get the same result, can anyone help me to resolve this?
  24. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Wait what is longer than usual? Damn.... so thats means i only can play for another 1 events.... Starting from 11 july i cant play for a month.... And the exchange ticket still not in the shop.... and tomorrow summer is starting
  25. @KJOHah, nice....aBea sandwich. Usedgoogle-fu (so maybe not 100% accurate), seems new Bea's Skill is a very strong AoE (w/ black spikes animation too) up to 600% maxed leveled (just what I've always needed!) while new Iris'Heals up to 50% HP as well asBuffs both ATK & DEF by 30%, she's a must have super support! Even the event is again a bit longer than usual since its Schwarz.Oh DMM, so biased.
  26. Haha agreed! I can'tread Japanese so curious what the skill is on thecurrent event SSRs(Both Irisidina and Beatrix) But now I think it's safe to say I own every single Beatrix in the game.
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