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  2. Basically this thing is luck tho, judging from previous event such as purple takemi where i just got 2 of it (including the mission) and sagiri x walken gay combo where just once, all with same effort and stuff with this one, i could say this one is pretty good since the last f22 infinities event back then, heck, for the idol one got worse too. Maybe this is the devotion meter? Dont know, but getting my first hand haruko in one strike is good tbh. Btw, each event, we dont need to get more of it if we cant, just one is enough, material options to LB always available
  3. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Still its kinda strange that nobody get her.... If the gscha broke... im hope the dev will refund my crystal, or give her for free
  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    its definitely not luck tho. just looked it up... sadly the Shiranui is nothing new and simply a recolor of the current shiranui model
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  6. @NexivaWith the best conditions possible (best support you can bring, best items, etc.), at least you should at finish it once & S-rank it for the g-ore I think. But yeah, if you find it too troublesome, there really isn't much of a loss fo- Nexiva Rafale drops: 20 My Rafale drops: 2 *spits tea* ....Guh. *ahem* With the way your luck's been going, it wouldn't surprise me if you get it on your 1st try. You lucky bastard That WarDog Shiranui really is too fragile but if you have a character who can use it to its full potential & as long as you control it yourself, it can be quite useful (I think it is currently one if not the most powerful Rifle TSF around yet). Also nice that it accurately even has the War Dog crest on is shoulder (they didn't care us much on little details on the older ones), unfortunately being a Rifle type, its very hard to see especially since its WIN pose hides it completely.
  7. Keep spamming on 30 stamina and before i realize it, got 20 Almost none, but maybe around 1/10 runs i used one gem to continue the timing. Please refer to my team and tricks on earlier comments And of course some consumables, this event is generous enough to give you consumables as well. Other than that, pure luck
  8. How much gems are you using on stamina to have 20 drops...
  9. Sitrep The new update is just adding the difficulty and tbh, im already feel kinda lazy to play higher stages, especially when i just tried n dead, well. Thankfully, have just enough points to exchange (i just exchanged it to tickets before, not mech) and exchanged it with the IJA Shiranui. Tfw rifle type and the hell with this mess, dat health lol, well. My haruko ssr is perfect when using rifle type yet i'm unsure about this, judging by its stats. Should i force myself through the 40stamina, or just let it and use another TSF? So far for power i put her in red takemi sword xm3. Also. For rafale, well, i got my 20th earlier.
  10. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    you should have a good healer if you don't already have one. But one really is more than enough. Anything more is waste of squad killing efficiency.
  11. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    hmmm... i could need that.... so for this exchange ticket.... should i use it for offensive or deffensive? note:cant clear 30 ap withou crystal
  12. SSR Ellen skill is Healing over Time for entire squad.
  13. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Btw what is ssr ellen skill? And ssr cryska vs ssr inia which skill is better? For offensive use
  14. @Imabot Nope it's not just you, I also think the new quest is easier. Yes the BETAs have more health but since the boss spawns at the beginning, you have more time to kill it. My strategy is very simple : Kill small BETAs to charge Yui's skill Use Yui's skill on the boss while attack up skills are active. Be extra careful NOT to hit the big destroyer. Repeat I can even S-rank it, even without ally or item ^^. The thing is, I don't kill the other bosses so I may miss some important drops. Even if the drop rate of the XM3 TSF is low, it's probably worth it. Now XM3ing a TSF takes a lot of effort... It probably costs more than 50 gems. I think I will at least spend 25 gems doing the new quest. @Reis About the XM3 skill, if I'm not wrong, it's "increase the area of effect of normal attack by 50%" not "increase the range". So basically. this TSF has a wide long-ranged AOE basic attack on top of extremely high attack stat! It's a must have. This TSF is typically a bad TSF when used by AI but very good when used by players. If you control it manually, you can use the attack range, the cancelling animation thing and other pro-tips to increase its damage output while staying alive. Oh I didn't check the weapon of the XM3 Rafale... I will try to confirm what you saw. Thanks for the information. @shinnarika I'm sorry for you... It's now too late but... I recommend you to let it go and wait... The gacha is horrible, I HATE too but... there is not much we can do.
  15. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Because my brain crapped out and I was ticked. Just got Gretel from the monthly SSR, is she any good? I dont know what her ability is
  16. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Why.... on earth are you using duel healers?????
  17. International Eishi Roster

    Maxim Gorky from Singapore! Massive fan, here to keep the legacy alive
  18. Another thing I just noticed, don't know if its intentional or another random bug: My support Rafale was using a different assault gun (the american unit version), maybe its was XM3'ed (I forgot) & that changed it? Can anyone else theirs to double check? Amusing & I don't really mind, although it would really be better if they changed it into the French Famas looking one. Unless...this Rafale isn't the French army version after all? New Wardog Shiranui's powerful, but that low HP can really screw you against strong enemies.
  19. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    just bought 3 bottom chest... do another roll... didnt get her god why.... just why
  20. In the case of Muv-Luv, they aren't releasing a brand new game from scratch, but are instead making an official English version of the game. However, the article raises some very good points about how unforeseen obstacles in development can completely throw off the development schedule. What some of you may not know is that the translation of Alternative had to modify the existing fan-TL far more than they originally expected, so the basic translation process ended up being far more extensive than they initially estimated. Additionally, it's been pretty well-documented how this campaign's been struggling to balance the multiple tasks of delivering backer rewards, porting the games to different platforms, and finishing up the localization of the core VNs. In the end, we can't really provide an accurate estimate on how hard the devs and translators have it because we're not in their shoes. But yes, whenever development doesn't go according to plan (which is often) these delays are inevitable.
  21. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    so i find some tweet about the gacha ピックアップの確率を計算してたら良い具合に割り切れた。排出率から見て多分これに近い数値かと思われる。 ピックアップ対象SSR(1枚当たり):5%、 それ以外のSSR(1枚当たり):4% if the translate is correct the pickup gacha , the one that have rate up is 5% but other ssr is 4% how come i never seen anyone got her... only some random ssr i see
  22. @shinnarikaDon't know if the gacha broke, it's more likely thatnobody just ain't whaling that hard for them so there are not as many results.For your ticket choice, its the usual "need" or "want" conundrum so check your squad & decide after some thought. For the gacha choice, of course the one where all the WarDogsare boosted is the better choice but you know, the usual atrocious gacha odds. Kinda' sucks that that special ticket isn't as powerful as initially advertised...there should be a disclaimer stating itslimits if they're not gonna' update its use & selection. @ImabotThe purgatory 40ap is potentially easier. If you have a very high damage output, you can probably end it quickly if you focus all your firepower on the Boss before the harder BETA reinforcements all come'd miss out on all the potential drops w/ the "higher" drop rate though. It is kinda' enticingbut since its a Rainbow chest drop, unless one is lucky w/ thedrops *cough*@Nexiva*cough* or one isn't finish farming for the points or other drop rewards then the extra difficulty may not be worth the effort.. Shizuku's skill amuses me since its basically like she's shooting the enemies in the knees w/ her additional Speed down debuff. The non-XM3'ed SSR WarDog Shiranui is in the event shop so that's nice. Actually its the only new addition, no restocks (boo~). Is google translate right? It's XM3 passive is increased range? If so, its a good choice for your A.I. squadmate since most of the time, they can definitely "see" better/further than the player.
  23. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    hmmm should i try it on shizuku gacha... or on her gacha.... im still afraid that the gacha machine is broke... never seen anyone got her... plus... is it better for me to take ssr inia or ssr cryska?
  24. None really. In Shizuku you can get either her or Yuzuka that have rate ups. Each 5 roll is guaranteed SSR and instead awakening items you'll get XM3 items. ps. Is it just me of that newevent mission is easier? I guess now that boss spawn right at the beginning gives more time to kill it. Anyways a chance of getting already XM3 SSR TSF from rainbow drop is soooo tempting to try untill it drops of end of event.
  25. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    guysss... whats the difference between the yuzuka gacha and shizuku gacha... which is more rewarding?
  26. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    How can you have 2 exchange ticket? So.... exchange ticket will not be updated.... but we need to buy a new updated exchange ticket.... Hmmmm looks like im gonna use my exchange ticket to get inia.... need a good ssr to clear the 40 ap....
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