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  2. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    SITREP just got the tech ticket and my beatrix now to move onto the speed tickets and pray that i can get the ticket twice so i can get Tasha and her machine.
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  4. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    In the speed quest two bosses show up. But in general killing the boss does end the quest. But the cpu controlled units just do their own thing, it's very hard to control. And for smaller players, eventually the shear number of enemy units does insane damage.
  5. Nay, they be playin' for keeps & not makin' this easy or profitable.
  6. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    so typical repeat of the last run of this event 4000 tickets in and still no ticket ive pulled plenty of SR, HR, R, and the 100% items but no ticket.
  7. I think no, killing the boss here wont end the game directly, i do kill the boss first then im even surprised i could still go on
  8. Mid-event update surprised me cuz' its been so long since the last one. This Harvest Halloween gacha things is pretty welcome though it will only last a few days. Boosts here is very necessary since w/o them the pay out is very disappointing...but alas, the only boost character I actually have is for the ones I need the least. As is last time, killing the Boss ends the mission prematurely so Ithink thatI should put my boost character in an inferior TSF to help not killing things too quickly (finally found a use for that UN Shield Type-00C).
  9. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    oh yeah fair warning my Iris is in a sniper mech and will kill anything infront of her with her ability so it might make it harder to farm all the enemy mechs
  10. Sitrep This rerun hallowen is a bliss, they put another chara for boost means i have a chance, the gap is so wide, whe without any boost back then its just 20, now with meiya only i could get 120 Get 5000 And got this on 800th
  11. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    awesome another shot at tasha and bea gonna set my Iris as lead for anyone who needs her.
  12. Any you can. For Power. Get Iris. Her Skill is just brutal. It is a Squad buff that adds x% to attack AND your team will be dealing a 2x damage bonus to enemies that you have advantage over instead usual 1.5x. Technique - Beatrix or Akane. Beato have very hight attack and her Skill is AoE damage dealer with temporary debuff that disable enemies healing. But it is skill with a quite long cooldown. Akane skill is, i believe, Squad Buff that increases rate you pilots fill their skill gauge.
  13. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Any recommendations for which SSR to get for Power and Technique?
  14. at the news section, until 21st, the gacha is until 28th
  15. the Halloween event is a blessing since my team is crap at the Speed event. Anyone knows how long it'll run? I cannot find it.
  16. yep, halloween rerun event is back and they convert your remaining prizes to the new ticket good news is, now they put the other boost character, just perfect i have meiya to get the boost ticket, i only need lise from power department, i also got mikoto as well
  17. Mid event Update. We have rerun of Halloween event! Also they screwed something up with that update. Gold medal no longer drop from gold chests. I tried 20AP mission 4 times. Only bronze and silver medals.
  18. Last week
  19. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    The Google translate OCR makes mistakes, and since the Japanese keyboards on phones aren't as comprehensive as ones on the computer, I may as well type them out. Besides, I cheat sometimes for kanji because I don't know/remember how to say it in Japanese, but I know the Chinese readings.
  20. just chill when doing that dude, we highly appreciated you since you went such lengths for that. too bad this game's texts are not copy-able
  21. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    I am typing the original Japanese scripts all out. Also I've tried, using Google translate gives you an unreadable MTL, there's way too many mistakes. It's probably best that I eventually upload some YouTube videos with the translations in the subtitles. Makes it seem more like a visual novel again.
  22. this is why we need translation to understand this game ._. damn why there's no script about this not so evil sitrep bought each ssr ticket, wadatsumi, and raptor, with no drop at all i stop playing this due to shitty drop and no xm3 discs
  23. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    @Imabot I don't think it is the 3rd one, but it's the second but functional. This is the XG-70 Susanoo IV, the one originally sent into the Original Hive.
  24. Well. At least it is balanced with that now humanity have 3 functional Susano-O.
  25. Muv Luv Alternative Strike Frontier

    Yeah like Reis said, it's Alternative where the deaths didn't occur. Reactor being shut down successfully by Haruka means that Mitsuki doesn't need to use an S11 on the hive. Also Yuuko near the end helped through the radio transmitter device. Otherwise it's similar to Alternative where the BETA are smart and come up underground behind their defensive lines. Also, the 00 Unit is still exchanging information with the BETA when her fluid is being filtered/refreshed. The assault on the main hive should happen soon, given that the 00 Unit only lasts 72 hours before the fluid deteriorates.
  26. @Universal98We appreciate thework.Though translations are indeed favored, we really wouldn't mind small tidbits & summaries sincefull on stuff really takes a lot ofwork & effort. We'd be pretty much satisfied w/ just knowing what's going on and maybe small translations of very interesting, notable or important/informative dialogues if there are any really. @NexivaBringing alongSummer Inia is alsoanother option especially if a secondary healer is viable/needed since she also buffs DEF& SPD at the same time. Her low ATK can easily mitigated by a strong TSF. @EdelweissOh right, don't know if you've tried but willthe new TSF's abilities also work w/ the SR versions of the characters? I guess it will, maybe. I was meaning to try but kept forgetting or just continued farming. Finally got aroundlooking through Chapter 28 w/c is the Defense of Yokohama Base. The large hordeappearing pretty much went as usual but seeing how Marimo & the complete A-01 is around along w/ C-squad has made quite the difference again it seems (seems the BETA didn't get as deep as last time). Kasumi & Sumika being active is also a rather interesting change. Though Yuuko isn't around her little daughter seems to be helping out(?). So to those who can read & understand it, any other interesting new info & tidbitshappening there?
  27. Well, thanks to @Reisexplanation, now i know more, yes my biggest problem actually my inability to read moonrunes, thus putting the strongest by testing it one by one, and i completely forgot about the bikini lise healing ability due to low attack she got, not im on a better run, but not the best yet with this team. Also sitrep, 35k golds and no single tsf drop lmao, bought the only wadatsumi and ssr ticket gave me rifle shiranui with moon background, not what i'm looking for tho but its better than duplicates
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