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  • Recent Status Updates

    • GreatP3nguin

      I imagine we are nearing time for Alternative release. The hype grows day by day
      · 0 replies
    • Yuihusbanu

      Some nice muv luv stuff. The figure I already have but it broke so I needed a new one.

      · 1 reply
    • jmaisonet

      Mazinger ZERO Hype!
      Mazin Emperor G Hype!
      Villkiss Hype!
      Yamato Hype!
      Might Gaine Hype!
      · 0 replies
    • Heke89

      "The Terminator shows terrifying combat capability!"
      "This must be what happiness feel like!"
      · 0 replies
    • Ikaruga

      Happy New Year everyone!
      Just wanted to post a status update since i've been pretty off-grid lately. Reason for my absence is because i'll be deploying overseas very, very soon. Thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful new year and more good luck to the Muv-Luv team in the year to come. Excited to see what 2017 has to offer even though i'll be gone for a good part of it. I'm slightly bothered by how much ML merchandise will be released that i'll be missing out on but such is life haha. Looking forward to seeing the growth in the community and all the cool stuff you all will have. Not only that, i'll be itching to see some sweet pics and vids of AX 2017 that I dishearteningly won't be able to attend. To be fair though, nothing can top the crew we had at AX 2016!  
      All in all, cheers to the good memories of 2016 and the welcoming of 2017, another good year to come.
      See you all many, many moons from now.
      · 0 replies